Wednesday, June 25, 2014

10 months old!

This girl.
This girl has my heart.
She is in such a rush to grow up.(Remind you of anyone you know, mom or dad?)  I think we enjoyed 2 weeks where she would let us feed her baby food. Before she developed the motor skills to pinch food and stick it in her mouth she was shoving fistfuls of whatever food she could get her hands on into her mouth.
Today she enjoys: Rice, eggs, watermelon, grapes, carrots, and puffs (also knows as baby crack)
the only thing she has eaten and spit out? Avocado. Lame.
At 10 months Aliya is Ms. Independent
When she's happy she's really happy. When she's tired you best steer clear :)
She furniture walks and pushes the boys cars around.
She recently decided she can walk with us if we're at least holding one hand. This is a lot easier on our backs.
Aliya loves both her brothers. When they throw a tantrum or start crying for any reason she crawls over to them and starts smacking them on the head. I think it's her way of showing affection? ;) Or maybe she just wants them to shut up...
It doesn't matter what time Liya bug goes to bed she is always up between 7-7:30 sometimes earlier. Never later.
She has an ear fetish
She loves ears (thanks for this shot, Erica). She rubs them, she pulls them, she eats them. And without fail before falling asleep she has one hand rubbing her ear, and the other is in her mouth (she's a thumb sucker!)
Some weeks she's a great sleeper. Some weeks she's not. But considering my three and a half year old still wakes up every night, I'm okay with it!
Aliya loves baths, and the wading pool. She likes to stand up and stomp her feet in the water to make a splash.
Her vocabulary consists of
"Nuh Nuh Nuh"
Jayden tries to carry her around and she hates that.
Daddy puts her to sleep every Sunday.
She is a joy.
Happy 10 months, Aliya!

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