Sunday, May 4, 2014

8 months old!!

I hate that I'm so bad at updating this! This time of life seems to be passing so quickly, and I know someday I'm going to want to go back and reminisce.
 Jayden is on his last month of kindergarten! I can't believe this. He did so well and blossomed so much!
He is now an excellent blooming reader. I was so worried with him being one of the youngest of his class that he would fall behind. But he just impressed me every day with how much he was learning and how well he was doing. He has made a quite a few friends... mostly girls, but it's okay because they indulge his desire to play super heroes and power rangers as long as they get to be the damsel in distress! 
Jayden enjoys Avengers, Power Rangers, Big wild cats, and loves imaginative play. If you drive by my house you're likely to find him fighting off all the bad guys in the front yard.

Alex is adjusting with us all with his new diagnosis of diabetes. When he was diagnosed it hit me hard. It threw me into some sort of downward spiral that I wasn't sure how to get out of. I think I had suppressed a lot of my own issues with having diabetes, and his diagnosis resurfaced those feelings, plus a whole lot more. I'm not going to lie. I hate it. I hate that he has it. I will find myself getting trapped in the "what if" scenario often. I'm just trying to have faith that he will be okay. And we will be okay.
Alex is the sweetest most difficult child ever. I know those adjectives are complete opposite, but they both describe Alex so well. 

And then there's my sweet Liya-bug 
She is already 8 months old... When did that happen??
Aliya is a very happy baby. Always laughing. Funny things about her are:
She loves to stick out her tongue. If she's outside she's sticking her tongue out as far as she can trying to catch the wind. I heard I did this as well as a baby, and to date I can touch my tongue to my elbow. This baby loves food. Zucchini bread is her new favorite. That's not surprising as it's also the favorite treat of her two brothers. I can't imagine life without her. I'm so glad she came when she did. She is adored by her brothers, and that makes my heart happy. 

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Andi and Jimmy said...

Lol, the way you describe Alex is exactly what I would say about Kaydence! I really hope he is doing better with the diabetes. That must be so hard on you.