Sunday, December 22, 2013

It's SNOW problem.....

Last year we experienced Winter on the bench. Living on a corner, shoveling snow was kind of a pain in the butt. Our driveway goes downhill into our garage. Slick concrete + downhill driveway= Vehicle damage.
But, being that my husband is kind of like superman... he spent lots of hours every snow storm. Eventually the pile next to our driveway got higher than six feet!
It would snow... Ryan would be sore for days... We swore we would buy a snow blower for this year. But then we had to redo the gutters so our front walkway wouldn't be a death trap... and we had to do a whole bunch of other crud that cost money. So as the snow storms started coming in this winter we prepared ourselves for another miserable few months. But THEN Ryan's dad showed up with this:
I don't know how google knows.. but it adds animation to some of my pictures. I kind of love it.
He bought a snow blower and let Ryan try it out.
Ryan was in heaven.
So anyway- now we have one we can borrow, and that's good enough for us!!
In other snow news...
This was last weeks predicament and I had to share
So now with car accidents in our driveway we can add getting stuck trying to get out of our driveway.
It took him about an hour to get out that morning...
It was great entertainment for the kids and I though!

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