Saturday, December 21, 2013

Oh Christmas Tree

Last year we moved to our home just days before Christmas. It was a little heart breaking for me because Christmas is my favorite holiday to decorate for. I did manage to get our six foot tree up... and up next to those HUGE windows it looked a little ridiculous. I started a mission looking for tree's on clearance in the ten foot range. Well, we had just moved and even on clearance... tall trees just couldn't fit into our budget. So I scoured KSL.
  I just searched "12 foot Christmas trees" and WALA- Someone was giving away their 12 foot tree for FREE. Say whaaaaa? It was in good condition, but it was a pre- lit tree, and some of the lights didn't work. Fine by me!!!
  We drove up to a house at least 8 times bigger than our own and she just gave us the tree. It felt a bit awkward just taking the tree, but I was excited!

I knew taking the lights off the tree might take some work, so I brought it up mid November. And a little work.. HA! I can still remember the burning sensation in my index finger and thumb. I spent about six hours one night trying to take the lights off... Ryan did a couple here and there... finally after Thanksgiving we both spent six hours taking the rest of the lights off. The lights strung through the tree were held on with circular clasps. We had to pinch, twist, then pull them off.
 It was torture. But we did it! I was going to use lights, and clip them on the tree, but by the time we got done taking the lights off.. we were done. So we just strung a few strands.

The 12 feet didn't quite fit in our living room due to the boulder, BUT we left the top off. Now we're still looking for a tree topper. Pretty sure I'm waiting for AFTER Christmas clearance again.

Also- I hope my skills decorating big trees get better, because it kind of sucks.

Merry Christmas!

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