Saturday, September 21, 2013

Now that we're home

I meant to write this post last week... Oh well. Aliya is four weeks old tomorrow.

So when I took Aliya home from the hospital (that was weird not having Ryan there driving and me sitting in the back seat with the baby, but it was cool cause I wasn't taking any pain medication) she was on oxygen and and oxygen saturation monitor.
  There was a BIG o2 tank and a bilibed waiting for her at home. I was thinking we would be able to wean her off the o2 fairy quickly but it took another week and a half. She pretty much only slept and ate the first two weeks. It was on the eve of her due date that she actually went her first night without the oxygen tank.

Anyway- here is where she spent most of the time. I would have liked to have her in our room, but the stat monitor was so obnoxious with it's beeping that I knew I would hear her just fine across the hall.
We took her home labor day weekend so we had to take her to Primary's after hours lab to get her blood drawn to test her jaundice levels. That was on Saturday, and it wasn't until Tuesday that she came off the lights. It was sooo fun to be able to dress her. I knew I only had a couple of days that she would still fit into her newborn outfits... so some days she wore 3 outfits a day just because ;)

Eventually she was able to maintain her oxygen saturation levels as long as she was awake. So we took advantage of that!
Alex didnt quite get the hype that was holding Aliya

It took him a while to warm up. And while he doesnt think that holding her is fun... he loves her a lot and always is the first to tell her "Its okay Aliya, Im here..." when she cries.

Jayden is obsessed and in love. Im not surprised there.

She's loved :)

I ventured out on my first shopping trip last Friday and everyone fell asleep. I carried Aliya in the ergo and pushed the cart that I hate with a passion. Why dont they all fall asleep at home??
Anyway- like I said Aliya has been off her o2 since last Monday, but I keep monitoring her to make sure we dont have any set backs. I'm terrified of SIDS! She does desat, but always recovers. Im just afraid of her not recovering and me sleeping...

There's Bella!
She is breast feeding like a champ. Her schedule has been good so far.. knock on wood. She loves being held and as of yesterday will scream like she's being tortured unil you hold her... then she's fine. She also only took two short naps today. For the first time in her life. It was really weird.

She is so smiley. And maybe she's too young to be smiley, but constantly awake and asleep is doing those grins that make my heart melt

Her and daddy bonding over... sleep. Always. Love it.
The recovery has been so much better since I went natural. I took pain medication the first day right after having her and that was the last time. I have more energy these last four weeks than I had in the whole pregnancy. And I have been able to get so much done. It has been heaven sent because my house got really out of order when I was on bed rest. And since we've lived here. The energy this pregnancy took was sooo hard right after moving into a house that needed so much work. I've painted furniture, sorted through all the toys, sorted all the papers... I was finally able to experience nesting... post partum, but it worked!
With my boys I still cried when I had to sit or lay anywhere because of the pain two-three weeks post partum. So THIS has been so welcoming.


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