Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I tried

Well here we are, almost done with October, and I still haven't written about Alex's milestones this month. Oops. He's going to be 9 months old for one more week! That went by way too fast. The beginning of October I actually thought Alex was turning 8 months, not 9. Ryan seriously had to count it out to me on his fingers after he told me Alex was actually turning 9 months. Usually when Ryan has some sort of recollection with numbers, it's wrong.. since his strokes anyway :) Boy, did I feel dumb!
So yeah- Alex IS nine months old. Almost ten!
I won a contest that Mal Walker Photography did for a free family photo shoot. Yay! Love winning stuff!!! I will be featuring her talent! I think my boys are pretty cute. :)

Remember back at month 6 I said Alex was breaking teeth? No, thats okay, but I did. And I was wrong (dont ask me for advice, people!) Finally at nine months, a couple of days ago Alex broke his first tooth. On the bottom. Jayden broke his first tooth @ 9 months too. I'm prety sure it was the same tooth. I think it's kind of sweet they are hitting that milestone the same month.

Alex slept through the night THREE TIMES this month. Unfortunately Im so used to getting up at night that I still woke up those 3 nights and went in to check on him to make sure he wasn't dead. He was fine. :)

His fussiness is decreasing too. Don't get me wrong, he likes to complain. And Im sad to say, that he probably always will enjoy complaining. But he cries a lot less. Alex is 100% Mama's boy. I was really hoping to have one that prefers daddy over mommy. He gets very upset if I leave the room he's in. He isn't a big fan of me working, but his smiles when I come home are priceless. Ryan, however, can get that boy to laugh more than I ever could.

*At his 9 month appointment Alex was in the 90th percentile for height, 70th for weight, and the 40th for his head.
*Alex loves multigrain cheerios, applesauce and bananas. But he prefers milk over all
*He loves exploring, and recently figured out the process of climbing down stairs. Im grateful for that!
*Loves his brother, and has to play with everything he's playing with (Jayden LOVES that)
*Has a passion for cars already. He loves to push cars around on the floor while making car noises
*He stands, but is still just furniture walking.
*Has very ticklish feet

Jayden is the best big brother anyone could ask for. I have been so pleased to see how well he has taken care of his baby brother. He loves making Alex laugh. He lets Alex drool on him and pull his hair. He's always got a third eye out on his brother. Alex hasnt really gotten himself in any trouble because Jayen watches him like a hawk.

This little stud brings so much happiness. I love this age! The things he says, and how much love he has for us. He's almost two months into preschool and doing great. He's learning so much. Things I have been trying to teach him for months are finally clicking now that he's in preschool.

He's still dealing with the milk allergy, although he tolerates some things a little better. Preschool has been hard in that Jayden catches everything that goes around. He has been sick more than he has been healthy. A stupid little cold will wipe him out. Im really hoping he grows out of this asthma!!!

So all in all we're doing well. We recently got back from St. George. Unfortunately sickness was our companion on that trip. :(

We had to trade in our old car for a new old car. Transmission issues= not cool.
Hope everyone else is doing well!

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Camey said...

Love this family picture!! You are so skinny! I wish all my hard work paid off that way! You have a beautiful family!