Sunday, December 18, 2011

Zucchini Bread and Spoons

Those are a couple of Alex's favorite things. Now, about the spoons. Some kids like binkies, or have a favorite blanket. Alex is obsessed with spoons. He sleeps with a spoon. I wish I was kidding. We have a spoon by every changing station in our house because it ensures he wont roll away. And you want to try to take his spoon away? Dont even think about it. If there are two toys that entice him- no worries! He just sticks the spoon in his mouth while he plays. He hasn't figure out HOW to eat with his spoon yet, but he holds it while he eats.
Mr. Alex will be 1 in a couple of weeks! On December 16th he took his first few "Real" steps. In the last couple of days he's gone farther and farther on those two feet, but still prefers to crawl to get to places.
Alex loves to climb. He will climb on anything he can. The bigger he gets- the more dangerous this will be.
He wants to do everything Jayden does. He loves his big brother. And gets the biggest smiles whenever he sees him. He still puts up with Jayden's "crap" (Toys being taken out of his hands and a constant basis) but I don't know how long that's going to last.
Last month Alex started giving real hugs and it melted my heart. I don't remember recording the age Jayden was when he hugged me back, but I decided to record this instance. He gives us nice squeezes, and when he's feeling done with a hug he pats us on the back.
Alex, like Jayden, loves to dance. He gets his whole body into it, and there's a huge smile plastered on his face the whole time. I love it.
As of today his only words are "Mom" "Dad" "Bye" "Bella". However, if "Hohoho!" counts as a words, we can add that too. Whenever Jayden does the santa claus laugh Alex follows with an accurate mimick.
He is still a Mama's boy. So until Jayden starts thinking Im not cool enough, I get fought over.
Alex loves:
Zucchini bread
Chicken Nuggets
Sippy cups
Phones (not the flip phones.. kids these days..)
And keyboards.

It appears he is starting to get an interest in Elmo, much to Ryan's dismay.

He still wakes up a lot at night, but the last few weeks he has been better about naps.

Im a little bit in shock that he'll be one soon :( My itty bitty baby isn't so itty bitty anymore.


Gordon and Robyn said...

Hi Tiff :)

that is too cute that he loves spoons so much! what a fun thing to be able to remember about him as he gets older :)

By the way, I think you are the sweetest girl on the planet. You are always so quick to help my family out. I just love you, even though i rarely see you.

Merry Christmas!

Chris and Tara said...

I agree with Robyn. You are the sweetest girl on the planet. I love you even more than Robyn. :) Just becuase I am 6 months late in reading your blog doesn't mean anything....