Thursday, October 6, 2011

Brag Rights...

I was going to wait to do this post, but Im proud of what I've accomplished so far, so consider this my half way there post!
When Ryan was hospitalized in 2009, I lost a ton of weight due to stress. That was the only perk of the whole ordeal. It also was way unhealthy. I lost 15 pounds in two weeks! And I kept it off until January of 2010, then I think my body understood the reality of how stressful life was and I started gaining a lot of weight :(. Around March I decided enough was enough and started working out, and then I got pregnant. Not that it was impossible to work out when pregnant, but that first trimester did a number on me! Luckily I gained the same amount of weight being pregnant with Alex, as I did with Jayden. I lost all the "baby weight" with Alex about 12 weeks post partum, but still was not anywhere NEAR what I wanted to be at. So in March (I had Alex in January) I started working out to DVDs, and the Wii. I lost about 10 pounds. Then I hit a plateau, the plateau got frustrating and I stopped working out :( Luckily I maintained my plateau weight for the two months I stopped working out.
Then my great friend Tara came into the picture. She was a truck driver, and only home on the weekends. But two months ago they got off their truck to run their business from home! Tara was motivated to exercise since she had been on the truck for so long, and made the best workout buddy ever. Except she has 110% energy levels and totally left me in the dust. She keeps me going, which is just what I needed. Since I started working out with her I have lost around a pound a week! Without changing my eating habits (wooohoo!)
Two weeks ago I was bored and was browsing the internet. I was looking at part time jobs since sometimes I feel like I really need to get out of the house, and I saw a position for a fitness coach @ Curves which is literally right up the street from me. It was part time, and included their gym membership. Seriously PERFECT. My longest shift is 3.5 hours which is the perfect amount of time to get a break from my sweet boys. Plus it's only four days a week. I interviewed and got the job! So far I love it, the women there are awesome. It's basically a fitness center created for women. It is an hour and a half workout crammed into 30 minutes (think Jillian's 30 day shred), said to burn 500 calories (this is assuming you put some umph in your workout- I'll push you!). It's also cool because they have "curvesmart" which is basically a computerized personal trainer that will tell you if youre working out hard enough, or too hard, let you know what areas you need to improve, etc, etc..
I love it cause there are women that come in who are younger than me, and one who is 80 something years old, who was literally JUMPING on the recovery board. I sort of want to grow up to be like her.
Going off track... Im not getting paid to say this, but this month, because it's Breast Cancer Awareness month the Sign up fee is ZERO!!! (Usually 100). Only for October though. And the monthly fee is pretty good, feel free to ask me about it.

ANYWAY- Since March I have lost 6.5" INCHES on my waist, 7.5" on my stomach, 5" on my hips, 2" on my thighs, 2" on my upper arms. (I hate my arms). I want to lose 20-30 more pounds. It has taken me 7 months to lose this, but Im glad because I know it's the healthy natural way to do it. It just takes a lot of patience to reach your goal. But Im feeling healthier and I have more energy. As much energy as possible when you wake up every 3 hours to feed a cranky boy.

Im taking pictures along the way, but apparently after taking my before picture I stuck it in a word document, and deleted the original, and it's not allowing me to take the Word document copy and make it back into a picture. So in a few months I'll post my now picture with my after picture. I'll feel less self concious that way anyway.

Anyone who paid attention to this blog post.. thanks :) I'll do my monthly update post tomorrow after work. Cause Alex is 9 months, and Jayden is growing too fast!


Richard and Kayla said...

you rock! see i told you that you were looking good! :)

Camey said...

You need to show a picture! I am SO jealous! The babies just turned a year and I am the exact same weight I was from the day I left the hospital. I worked out, I ate better and I lost nothing! I am glad it is working for someone! That is a lot of inches too! WAY TO GO! I bet you are skinny minny!

Amy said...

Oh my holy inches!!! Dude! Go you. :D I was pretty sure there was nothing "just up the street" from us....maybe post-baby I'll have to check out Curves!

Nikki Taylor said...

Holy smokes! You should be braging! That is awesome. Maybe this will motivate me to get off my butt. Way to go!