Sunday, September 4, 2011

Here comes Fall...

August was a fabulous month. A great end to summer.
We started off the month celebrating Ryan's 31st birthday! It landed on a Sunday- and he worked Saturday night, so he came home @ 4 a.m. to this:

Cute, huh? I filled up the six little boxes with his favorite treats, and layed out my gifts to him around the sign. The letters are from the Wood Connection, I just painted and decorated them with my MIL and SILs.

We went camping. My first time to bear lake, and my first time on a waverunner. Most fun of my life!!! I would recommend it to anyone. Jayden did it for his first time too, with Grandpa.

Unfortunately Jayden, Alex and I got really sick the day we left. But after a lot of pleading prayers we started to feel better. My facebook page has more pictures of the trip. It was a lot of fun.

Jayden started preschool! He was so excited. He would ask me every day the week prior if it was time to go to preschool yet. Here is his first, First Day of School shot:

Isn't he a stud? He was sooo excited until he found out there were lots of other little kids. All through orientation he was glued to my side. His first day by himself I left him crying, and it made me want to cry too. But his teacher told me he calmed right down and did awesome. He goes again tomorrow, and is a little anxious that Im not staying with him. But he'll do great. He's growing up too fast!

Alex is 8 months old today! You have no idea how badly I want to say that he is now sleeping through the night... But he's not! He has been to Primary Children's Hospital twice last month to be seen about his anemia. The Dr. suspects he is anemic because of the all the blood they took in the NICU. I don't know. Jayden was in the NICU longer, and he wasn't anemic. It's frustrating to me because the iron drops is the nastiest medicine on the earth- and I have to shove it down his throat twice a day. I feel like Im abusing him. 3 more months, and they say he'll have an adequate supply.
At 8 months Alex is:
*Crawling a lot faster!
*He is starting to furniture walk, and I have mixed emotions about it.
*He likes to sneak up the stairs.. Im fine with him going from the family room to the kitchen but he goes up our long set of stairs whenever we're not watching him. And it makes me nervous!
*Alex isn't a big fan of baby food, he only wants to feed himself. Everything has to be done by himself. So he's on a diet of graham crackers, puffs, and whatever fruits and veggies we stick in those little net feeders.
*I don't know if this counts as talking but when he goes after balls he yells, "BA! BA! BA!" and when he wants me he says "Ma! Ma! Ma!" It happens a lot, but I think he's too little to be saying words, so maybe it's coincidence?
*Love his bath time. He laughs really hard when he splashes himself in the face.
*Does not like to sleep. He will attempt to stay awake as much as possible. Heaven forbid he misses something.
*He is just a busy boy. Always exploring.. sticking everything in his mouth. He loves his brother to pieces, and wants to do everything Jayden does.

I'm afraid one of Alex's purposes in life is to test my limits. I love him to death. Im hoping that won't always be something he does- I dont know how far I can stretch!

So, that's whats going on right now. Im really anxious for fall. It's my favorite season. Ive got a workout buddy and Im finally seeing results (Thanks Tara!) It's funny that Im seeing more results working out 3x a week, than I did working out 6. But Im not complaining!

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Amy said...

Jayden IS such a stud! So so handsome - and SO painfully grown up. It hurts.

I can't believe how much Alex moves. Sheesh.