Friday, August 5, 2011

Alex is 7 months old!!

And has been for the last 17 hours! Look at me blogging on his monthly birthday!
This kid is growing too fast, I can't keep track or remember what's going on. He sure keeps me on my toes!

My little Alex. My dad used a good word to describe him, I thought it fits his personality perfectly. Intense.
You'd think, since Alex is my second I would be prepared for him. It's crazy how differently Alex is growing and learning than my first. I need him to slow down, but it doesn't seem he is going to be doing that anytime soon.
Alex has been crawling for a few weeks now. He doesn't like laying down. As soon as I lay him down, he sits up. It's making bed time pretty difficult. This morning he tried to climb up the stairs. (@ 7 months Jayden still wasn't sitting up... Alex is killin me) He hates crawling on tile so he sticks his butt up in the air and tries to move on it with his hands and feet. Not so easy. He keeps trying and trying until he perfects it. That's just his personality :) He's climbing on furniture.. already attempting to jump out of his crib.

He is still a horrible sleeper. And thus begins my slow decent into madness.... He's really going to need to start sleeping. He is so much happier now that we have found a good medication for his reflux. I'm hoping to be able to wean him off that soon.

Solids... it has been a hit and miss with solid food. He loves sweet potatoes, corn, bananas, and pears. Everythign else he gags on and spits out. Sometimes he does okay with solids, other times it causes him major stomach issues. So usually every other day I'll give him a jar until I figure out what triggers his reflux.. maybe everything does. I need to try to get him on a more consistent schedule with solid foods.

We took him to his six month appointment where he was in the 90% height. 80% weight and 20% head. We also found out that he is anemic and have been giving him iron supplements which are the nastiest things ever. I feel like Im committing some form of child abuse by giving him those horrible drops. It made me gag when I put one drop in my mouth, he is supposed to take 1.7 mls TWICE a day.. but I only do it once because I can't force that into his mouth more than that. It's torture for us both. We are going to see a blood specialist at Primary Children's hospital in two weeks to see if they can find a cause for the anemia.

As of right now it appears mr. A is getting four teeth. All of his fangs. I was hoping he would hold off on the whole teeth thing. Jayden didn't get his until 13 months, and it made the breastfeeding thing a lot easier. Oh well... he's handling it well!

A fun thing about Alex are his eyebrows. I've never seen a baby communicate with their eyebrows. But he does! He'll raise them both at you. Sometimes just one. Always in response to something you do or say to him. It's so funny to watch. I'll try to get it on camera.

Well this hasn't been organized. My ramblings late at night. Happy 7 months to my littlest man.


Kate said...

7 months is such a fun age!

Chris and Tara said...

I'm going to have to pay attention to his eyebrows. :) I hope he gets fangs. That would be so cute.