Sunday, May 22, 2011

April/May Update

It’s time for another update. Or, I’m a little past due! There is so much to talk about- I’ll try to cover it all. Alex is now four months old! On the one hand, I can’t believe he is already four months old. On the other, I can’t remember what life was like without him. The 4-6 month age span is my favorite as far as babies go. They’re so smiley. Watching them laugh and learn new things so fast. It’s awesome.
Alex did so much better with his immunizations this time around. Jayden got really sick with each set of shots. Alex did get sick after his two month appointment, but it has been two weeks since his four month appointment, and he didn’t get sick at all. I finally figured out why Alex has been so fussy, thanks to a conversation in the mothers lounge at church. He has reflux. His doctor prescribed some Zantac for him, and FINALLY he went back to sleeping through the night. I had a happy baby, and it felt great. We have had to tweak his dosage recently, but I’m so glad he’s not in pain anymore. And being able to sleep longer than two hours straight isn’t too bad either!! I have been a tired zombie… and the last few months have been a blur. I’m so grateful for my husband who has pulled way more than his weight these last couple of months. I can definitely say I could not raise kids without him!
Alex is growing, and getting tall! He was over 15 pounds at his 4 month appointment putting him in the 85% (?), I can’t remember his exact length but he is in the 75%. And just like his daddy, he has a small head putting his circumference in the 20%.

Jayden is officially potty trained. Saving those forty dollars a month on diapers is oh so nice. He did dump his training toilet in the middle of our family room floor. We have scrubbed, steamed, shampooed and are still smelling the lovely odor of urine. Ryan did some google searches a few hours ago, and currently half of carpet is marinating in baking soda. Here’s hoping it works!
Easter was a lot of fun. Jayden was very excited to discover his basket

(Excuse the shaggy do)
I spent 5 hours cooking us a nice Easter meal. Made everything from scratch (except for the rolls… who do you think I am anyway??). I was expecting streams of praises from Ryan when he ate it and all I got was, “Thanks. It’s good.” No enthusiasm, no exclamation… I was bummed. Looking for an opportunity for our marriage to grow I suggested he be a little more animated when describing my cooking. It may have gone a little something like this “If you ever want home cooked meals ever again, I better get a little something more than “It’s good.” !!!!” Needless to say, Ryan got the message. So these last few weeks, every meal I cook I get “This is amazing!!!” “The best meal EVER!” “10 out of 5 stars!!” “When Im on my deathbed, Im going to request this dish as my last wish.” Nice, right? Well it didn’t take Jayden long to catch on. Everytime I cook for him (be it chicken nuggets, or a PB&J) he showers me with compliments and thank yous. My favorite lines are, “MOM! This is the best food EVER! Thanks for making it for me..” “Wow mom, you cook this for me???? It’s my favorite!”… Im going to try to get a video of this because it’s priceless…
I took Jayden to the Kangaroo Zoo in Pleasant Grove. My mom invited us, and I was pretty sure that it may be a waste of money since Jayden seems to be scared of everything. I was wrong. And shocked. Jayden ran to the biggest, tallest slide there and went down with no problems. Six times!! Half of those times by himself. I was getting nervous climbing up the steep ladders. Not him. I’m still surprised. We’ll be going there more often. I still haven’t gone to the one right by our house!

When Ryan built the fishtank in our wall, he told me that our kids were going to love it. We were a bit dissapointed when Jayden showed no interest in it. Luckily Alex does! We lay him in front of the fishtank on a daily basis. And Ryan has a habit of falling asleep while watching him. Oh well.

My favorite thing about spring (the last two years anyway) has been watching the tulips come up. This year the grew with a passion. Holy cow those things got big. I'm a little scared that they'll get bigger next year. Some of those leaves were bigger than Jayden's head! But OHHH they smelled so good.

I just planted annuals, so hopefully they'll do just as well. I got some killer deals @ Home Depot.

In other news:
*Ryan's work schedule changed, so he will be working 3 day shifts, and 2 night shifts. Then it will change again in two months... and again. But work is going well. I will miss having him home during the day. A lot. :(
*We are attempting to do some landscaping in the back yard. I just spent 6 combined hours weeding, and I have been sore for two days. I will try to get some picture of that.
*The little guys and I will be heading out to St George later this week to spend time with cousins. Jayden is SO excited. Ryan will join us when he gets done with work.
*Alex just started rolling over.
*We are in the process of shampooing our carpets (inspired by the dumped toilet) and after seeing how dirty the water is, we have decided we need to shampoo more often.

That's all I can think of right now! Until next month!


Caprene said...

I am the same way. After shampooing one year old carpet and seeing how dirty the water was, I became a regular. Nothing beats that stiff but clean feel of freshly cleaned carpet under your feet.

Amy said...

Those tulips make my day every time I pull into your neighborhood. They were ENORMOUS this year!!!

Also, I love your fish tank, so I'm glad Alex does too. :D

Chris and Tara said...

I agree that your tulips were awesome this year! Love the story about Jayden's training toilet. I didn't notice a smell when I came over the other night. And I hope you have fun in St George!