Friday, July 1, 2011

There goes June....

A few things to update you on!

We went down to St. George over Memorial Day Weekend. The boys and I left the Thursday before. Ryan couldn't come down until the Sunday before Memorial Day :(. We went earlier so Jayden could hang out with his cousins before they had to go home. I'm so glad we did, because he had SO much fun with them.

Jayden was a fish in the water. He swam back and forth in the pool for a good two hours. It was such a relief to see that, because years before he was terrified of the water (may have something to do with the fact that he fell head first into the hot tub???)

While we were there we went to the Natural Wildlife Museum. Those who know Jayden, know his obsession with animals. Especially ones that growl! He really enjoyed seeing all the animals, and "taking pictures" with his binoculars!

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And before May left us, we went to the zoo to check out the Jurassic Exhibits at the zoo. Yeah, Jayden's OTHER obsession. He HATED the dinosaurs that growled, but he was just fine with the ones that were quiet. Weird, considering Jayden loves to growl. Want to hear the most annoying sound in the world??? Come to my house. Growling going on 24-7.

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In other news...
Ryan's work schedule changed in June. He is working 3 days, and 2 nights. It's kind of a crazy schedule. And it's going to change again in August... then again in September. Blah.

Jayden is 100% potty trained. It's so nice to be able to say that. He stays dry at night, and this kid can hold it FOREVER. Not good.

Alex is about to turn six months old!! This little guy is such a joy in our lives. He is growing way too fast.

Alex is still waking up during the night. Some nights every single hour. Others it's every 3 hours. I think it depends on what I ate that day. Reflux is getting worse. I'm getting desperate. And I'm tired. And the doctors told me they can't try any more meds for him. I hope he grows out of it soon! I'm so tired, I feel like my life is slowly falling apart.

He has started to crawl!! He started getting up on his hands and knees a couple of weeks ago. Now he stretches out walks his feet forward, and his head collapses into the floor. I'm seriously shocked he's starting so early. Jayden didn't do that until he was 7 1/2 months old. And he didn't actually crawl till about 8 1/2 months.

He has a really hard time with solids. It wrecks havoc on his poor little digestive system. But he does enjoy them. Im not sure what to do. I'll ask his doctor next week.

He is sitting up. Another thing that shocks me. Jayden was 7 months before he started to sit up on his own. Crazy boy.

Alex loves to JUMP in his jumper. I need to get this on video because he goes so fast.

No teeth yet. But he has certainly acts like he's teething. He has a strong jaw and will chew on anything he can get his mouth on. I would say, "oh the teeth are coming" but he has been doing this since he was 3 months old, and there is still no swelling on his gums.

He is a drooler!

Jayden got a teeny tiny cavity on one of his molars. We went to the new pediatric dentist right by our house. It was perfect for him. Jungle animals galore! Here he is getting his teeth cleaned while holding a leopard:

Then he got to play with the animals. And finally got his filling. He did SO awesome. He was one brave boy. The worst part of it for him was the chair reclining. He got to watch toy story while getting his filling. He was pretty funny on the laughing gas. He kept yelling "HEY MOM!!! WHATCHA DOIN??? HEY MOM!!.. WHATCHA DOIN??"

To end, another funny Jayden story. I am landscaping the backyard planters. So I was planting roses and had the hose with me. Jayden was playing with it while I was digging. He asked me to dry him off, and I told him he would have to wait because I was busy. I'm not sure the thought process of the child, but he yelled: "I'll do it myself" and ran to the sandbox. Before I could stop him he proceeded to roll in the sandbox. Thinking it would try him off. Well let's just say: FAIL.


Amy said...

The sand dry-off has me giggling. :D Poor kid.

I hope Alex grows out of the reflux! Tommy was a REALLY late crawler/mover but they swore that once he started to be upright more the reflux would slow down, so maybe that's a good thing? I hope so!

Chris and Tara said...

Hahaha about the drying off thing. :) I also love the picture of him lounging on the chair in St George. :)