Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Could today get any worse????

See this room??? This is where it all began. Right in the middle of this room sat Jayden's "little potty". This morning he filled it up with pee. Normally I immediately dump it down to toilet, but this morning Alex was extremely fussy (after getting up every two hours last night screaming bloody murder (reflux.. apparently his meds stopped working). I was fussy too due to lack of sleep. Once Ryan was able to take Alex, I forgot about the potty, and promptly went to scrapbooking.
:: Back story on scrapbooking. I have been doing digital scrapbooking. I lost one year of scrapbook pages last year because of a virus. Luckily our dear friend was able to save the pictures, so I counted my blessings, and started again. I finished 2008, and started 2009 on a new program. Well a few weeks ago my user name on this computer got a virus. It was an annoying virus, but luckily hadn't destroyed the pictures, so I quickly backed up my scrapbook program assuming the 60+ pages I had worked on would be backed up with it. I should have double checked, but the virus was in motion, and I knew we were going to crash any minute. Found out earlier this week that none of my pages were transferred with the program. Hours and hours of work... gone. Very sad. A friend (thank you Nicole!) let me know that was having a sale where you could print all your scrapbook pages into a book, and they werent charging for additional pages. Thats a savings of 80 BUCKS!!!!! Thats printing an entire two years of scrapbook pages for only 26 dollars! The only problem is that the deal expires tonight, so I have been on the computer for 6 hours every day since then redoing all the scrapbook pages. It added a lot of stress to this day {today.}::
An hour into scrapbooking, Ryan went outside to help a friend clean his engine. I rocked fussy Alex on my lap with one hand, and scrapbooked with the other. Out of the corner of my eye I see Jayden dumping his potty upside-down. Pee.... everywhere. Everywhere. Drenched. Disgusting. So I put Alex down, who started to cry (Naturally), and scrubbed, and scrubbed and scrubbed. The thicker the carpet, apparently, the harder to get the pee smell out. Lovely.
Alex screamed all day, Jayden played his loudest toys, and I got more and more stress as completing the whole scrapbook thing was getting more and more difficult. Finally, late this evening I finished.
As I was feeding Alex, getting him ready for bed, Jayden came into the bedroom and said he had to pee. But he was tiptoes and freaking out about it, so I figured he had to do more than pee. I tried to yell for Ryan to help, which prompted another crying fit from Alex. And caused Jayden to run for the bathroom. Unfortunately he didn't make it in time. A 5 foot line from Alex's room to the bathroom was a trail of the brownest runniest nastiest poo. Covered the carpet, covered Jayden's legs... Ryan attempted to do damage control as he was getting ready for work as he blotted (???!!!) each stain with toilet paper. I finished feeding Alex, and tried to put him down but he was in a lot of pain due to the reflux so he was screaming. And scream he did as I attempted to scrub the stains out of the carpet... bath mats, and walls.
Ryan left for work. I attempted to calm Alex down, and finally got him asleep by 9 pm. Jayden threw a huge tantrum when I suggested he go to bed. Dragging him upstairs I discovered his sheets needed to be changed. Lovely. Oh well, there was already a pile downstairs.
He got to sleep and I went into rush mode so I could get the house clean, and get my workout in. I got two loads of laundry, dishes done, clothes put away and hung up, and THIS living room picked up. Which just an hour before now was covered in dinosaurs, plastic tools, and balls. Got everything done about 10:30... turned on my dvd to start my workout when I hear a blood curdling scream from Alex's room. I bring him downstairs so he doesn't wake Jayden. I fed him since that seems to be the only thing to comfort that nasty reflux he's having. I held him until he fell asleep.. laid him down, only for him to start crying again... It's 11 o clock. He would only sleep if I was holding him upright. I got tired of holding him which explains him laying on the chair, propped up the way he is.
Everything is now quiet. Except for the clicking of the keyboard, and the washer and dryer that are attempting to clean out today's messes. I should be doing my workout, but Im blogging. Because gosh darn it I needed to complain. Now Im going to enjoy a few more minutes of silence before I attempt to put Alex back in his crib. 30 minutes left until tomorrow. I can't wait for this day to be over!


Jackie said...

Holy cow, you poor thing!! And I thought my day was bad! Here's hoping today is better.

Marianne said...

I'm so sorry! I hate the days that are non-stop stress and craziness! Sometimes you feel like all you are doing is putting out fires and not really getting anything accomplished. I feel your pain!

Ashlie Dalton said...

ick, that is a really bad day! i'm really sorry everything seemed to go wrong for you.
i think the hardest days of having two kids was when max was a new(er) born. everything is stressful enough let alone poop and pee accidents on top of that. but i am happy to report that for the most part things get much much easier as they get older. now they are buddies and i just occasionally have to separate into timeouts for fighting. :) ok, there are other hard things but i'd take them any day over new born craziness.
hope today was better!!!!! if you ever need anything please call me, i would love to have jayden over for a play date!

Amy said...

Good grief!!! I hope your day is significantly better SOON.

Propping up Tommy's crib mattress seemed to help a little with the reflux - at least I could set him down every now and then. But UGH. I am so so sorry! Also I have a wrap thing that I wore Tommy in for like the first 3 months of his life because he never cried in there...if you'd like to borrow it you're welcome to. *sigh sigh sigh*

Chris and Tara said...

:( So sorry about all the stress. :(