Monday, November 15, 2010

The REST of October

I did mean to update the day after my last post. It's hard for me to sit at the computer and do something that actually requires thinking. Mindless tasks work well for me right now!! Here's hoping I get better! Here are the Halloween pictures: I really wanted to take Jayden to a pumpkin patch to enjoy the fields, a tractor ride, the mazes... Ryan really wanted to just go to a grocery store (LAME!). So we compromised. There was a little pumpkin stand at a corner of a semi busy street. It was fenced off and there was a decent selection... That night we started carving our pumpkins. I really wanted to make Jayden an Elmo pumpkin. I ruined the first one I attempted so I tried again with another. Score! Jayden had fun helping. The only annoying thing was he insisted on doing everything himself. Love this age. We went trick or treating on Saturday. Rain was in the forecast... but I was really hoping it would hold out. It didn't. We went up to Ryan's parents house to trick or treat. We also took Jayden to a few of the families that Ryan grew up with. I think we did 5 houses before we gave up. The downpour was not cool! But it was nice to see everyone! Before the rain.. walking up to Grandma and Grandpa's house Do you love the butt on this costume??? It killed me to watch him run. He scored at this house (of course)... And the other houses... he was just so shy. We ended up going back home around 6 to find all the candy we left out gone! Sorry neighbors! I took Jayden around the the block and he got more and more confident with every house. It got to the point where I was chasing him to each door, and he was yelling "TRICK OR TREAT!!" before they even opened the door. Quite the difference from when he was insisting on being held and would whisper "No, you do it..." when I asked him to say "Thank you" He got a lot of candy, and Ryan and I enjoyed it. Jayden would have a little of this, and a little of that... but he's not really into sweets... UNLESS theyre Swedish Fish. So we ended up recently throwing a bunch away. He had a lot of fun though. Ryan and I didn't end up dressing up. Anyway- to end here is a VIDEO for grandparents :) (Press the play button, Grandma ;) )

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