Friday, October 29, 2010


The month of October has been insane!!! Here's hoping for a more relaxing November!
This month:
-Jayden refused to sleep. A boy who has always been an amazing sleeper suddenly has a fear so extreme of being alone at night time... AND at nap time. It has made for a lot of really long stressful nights. But I'll blog about that later.

-My little brother's fiance (Now his wife- as of 10-20-10) lived with us for a month. We were so grateful for the opportunity to get to know Tyese. And I'm super excited to have a sister in law!

-Jayden fell in love with Tyese. His first love. It was pretty entertaining to observe Jayden "flirting". As long as he doesn't tell me to "Go AWAY Mom" when he and a girl are in his room when he's a teenager...

-I got to do a lot of fun crafts for our Relief Society's "Freaky Friday" ... they were so much fun to do. I kind of miss working graves at Jetblue having all that time to work on crafts. Here are a few of the things I got to make:

-We had an awesome Ward Halloween Party where they did a "TRUNK or treat". We were super rushed- so we showed up really late- BUT Jayden managed to get some goods. Tomorrow I'll try to get some pictures of Ryan's and my costume... and Jayden's costume complete with some face painting. Meanwhile here's Jayden

He was pretty shy. I had to carry him to He would not let me put him down. *sigh*

-Our annual OCTOBER girls night out was a success. Yummy crepes. And a fun craft. I did make a plaque.. but it didn't end up in the picture.

-I got live my life long dream of being a bridesmaid... too bad I was six months pregnant. So yeah. No pictures.

-I got my hair cut SUPER short. It has not been this short since I was like 7 or 8 and some little girl asked her mom if she could play with "That boy" pointing at me. I actually really really like it. Ashley did an amazing job. And it's so much easier to take care of.

-Next week I will be entering my THIRD trimester. The second trimester was pretty much a breeze and went by fast so thank goodness! Here's hoping the third will go by just as quickly. Im kind of loving that my body is now like a personal heater. Im never cold. Im loving it in this weather.

-I am completely good now with having another boy. I'm actually really excited. I have been taking out all of Jayden's baby stuff and that has been a lot of fun. So far all ultrasounds have been GOOD. The risks are always high with diabetic pregnancies so it has been such a relief. Here's hoping all stays well the next three months.

-We took Jayden bowling for the first time. He had fun but had the worst asthma attack ever as we were leaving. Bowling alleys= not so clean.

-Asthma got worse and worse. We ended up at the Dr's where they had to put him on oxegon for 3 hours because his levels were 70% when they should have been 95-100%. LUCKILY we didn't have to have been hospitalized. He was such a champ. It breaks our heart watching him suffer so much with this dang asthma. I wish I could take it all away from him. Can we please have a healthy member of our family? Seriously...

-We got to see a lot of family this month. There were weddings, bridal showers, dinners. I LOVED it.

I will try to post pictures tomorrow of the trick or treating... and my AWESOME Elmo pumpkin.


Erica Lyn said...

*gasp* you DO exist! ;)

Caprene said...

Bowling alleys do the same to me - I always take benedryl before bowling, and am constantly washing my hands with wipes or hand sanitizer. Make sure you never take Jayden to a bowling alley where they permit smoking or he may hate you. I immediately have to leave. I totally understand what the little guy is going through! It does get better as you get older.

Miss you guys!

Chris and Tara said...

First off, I did NOT recognize Jayders in that picture of him standing on that ramp thing for the ball. I seriously glanced at it and thought "who's that kid?" I can't believe how big he's getting.

I still love love love your haircut. So dang cute.

Now, I need to know, are there really only 63 days left until Christmas? Holy frijoles!