Monday, November 15, 2010

The 28 week check up

I went in for my 28 week ultrasound today. I haven't posted any ultrasound pictures because this little guy has been soooo far down in my pelvis this entire pregnancy they have never been able to get a good picture of him. This isn't to say we got a good picture of him this time, because it's not great, but it's still fun to see. These are the 4D Ultrasound pictures. I know his NOSE looks HUGE but it's squished up against my placenta and because of the angle of the ultrasound probe it looks very prominent. Jayden's looked even bigger believe it or not. We were very worried when we saw Jayden 4D picture.

He is on your left hand side, kind of peeking around the placenta. We couldn't get his whole face. On the left is umbilical cord... I don't know- hopefully you can make it out.

It LOOKS like he has the same chin as Jayden. Jayden's was very prominent when he was born. Anyway- he is measuring a couple of weeks ahead of what he should be. Coming in around 3 pounds, and measurements equal to 30-32 weeks when Im only 28 and 5 days. Let the bigness begin. I thought I was going to be induced the end of January BUT apparently I was mistaken. The latest they will let me go is 38 weeks. They want to induce sooner if the baby gets too big, or if my blood pressure gets too high.
I'm concerned because of our experience with having to deliver Jayden early. We're just praying really hard that whenever he needs to be born he will be healthy and ready to come out. So right NOW the latest he would be here is the week of the 16th of January. That's exactly two months... I'm a little scared. I keep having a feeling he'll have to come earlier than that.. but Im trying to push it out of my head. Thinking positive thoughts... If he's going to come early though- might as well make it December so we get that extra tax write off ;)

So from here on out I will be having Non Stress Tests every single week. In a month I'll be going twice a week. Oh the joys. If anyone has any good books I could borrow....!! :) Ill try and post another belly shot soon. I think I have gotten a lot rounder!


Erica Lyn said...

Have you decided on names yet? We need to buy a goldfish...

Amy said...

He's TOTALLY beautiful. These pictures are amazing, we never did any of the fancy stuff with Tommy, so this is particularly awesome to look at.

And yeah - go for the tax writeoff! (and the healthy baby)

I'm reading the Uglies books -they're pretty good. And Children of the Promise is a good series.

Ashlie Dalton said...

i think every baby's nose looks big in ultrasound pictures! especially 4D. he will be darling!!!

also, i delivered at 32 weeks and max was nearly 4 lbs if i remember correctly. i think it's pretty high chances everything will be ok after 30 weeks (and especially if he's already measuring 3 lbs) but let's pray your sweet little babe makes it to 38! :)
i want to know your birth story with jayden...

good luck! i'm sure everything will turn out well!

melissa said...

Hey there! I just stumbled upon your blog and I wanted to let you know how much I LOVE it! great post. I will be back for more!

Camey said...

If you go to 38 weeks you could deilve ron my birthday! If he is meauring big, I am sure having him early will be fine. I have never had a baby past 38 weeks. I love these 4D pictures, what hospital does that? Oh, and I had the NST's too and if the babu cooperates it doesn't take too long :)

ж╬Pęяsęph¤ñę╬ж said...

I've got a closet full of books, you're welcome to borrow any of them!