Friday, December 3, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

It took me a little over two weeks, but I am finally done decorating the INSIDE of the house for Christmas. That was being 30ish weeks pregnant. I'm not sure how long it's going to take me to take everything done. We may be celebrating Christmas until February!! I debated just not worrying about it this year, but Jayden is really starting to get it this year, and decorating with him made twice the mess, twice the "breakage", but twice the fun.
He would pull stuff randomly out of our storage containers and exclaim, "Oh wow! Happy Christmas" It melted my heart. In this picture below, he found the music box my mom gave him last year. He would just open it and grin. It was a music box with Santa and his reindeer going around in circles in the Village. In three days he must have opened it over 50 times.

He also loved the Christmas books. He had them last year, but paid no attention. Have I mentioned how much I love him GETTING Christmas now.

In the kitchen I have the Santa Clause theme. Hopefully we'll always have a kitchen where I can stick things on top of the cupboards.

Then in the living room is where I display the nativities I have been collecting. We're sort of out of room now- so I will try really hard not to collect any this year.

This little table of crafts I made with my mother and sisters in law. I feel so blessed to have married into a family that loves to craft. I have learned so many new things!! We try to get together monthly and make crafts for whatever season. These were just some of the awesome crafts we did. I LOVE them.

And then everything else goes in the family room. Good thing we have lots of shelves...

Almost forgot the tree... As a tradition we buy a new family ornament to represent what happened that year.

It'll be good to have this blog post recorded because it usually take me a while to try and remember how I had everything the year before. I hope everyone is enjoying their Holidays!!

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Amy said...

holy smokes! That is A LOT like Christmas. I love it! It's beautiful!