Sunday, July 11, 2010

McDonalds Smoothie

Last Tuesday Ryan and I had the rare occassion of going out on a date... without Jayden.

It was a last minute thing- so in attempt to make it to the movie on time and take Jayden to Grandma's house... we missed dinner. As appetizing as the movie theater hot dogs looked I decided I could wait to eat until we got home at 9:30ish.

Well the movie ended, we picked up Jayden, and made it a couple of blocks before I told Ryan I NEEDED food ASAP and I couldn't wait till we got home (home afterall was like SEVEN minutes away). McDonalds was sort of on our way so we pulled in through the drive through at 9:30. Surprisingly we had to wait for a couple of cars.

The person taking our order sounded very... animated. As we pulled up to pay I told Ryan I was anxious to see what this person looked like because he didn't SOUND normal. He looked like an average guy, in his 40s maybe... and then his mouth opened.

"Well sir, you look like quite the romantic" he told Ryan pointedly. I snorted and Ryan said, "I try to be."

"I bet you don't sleep on the couch too much, huh?" 'Random...' I thought, but it got worse. As Ryan handed him the money he told us, "Yeah, I just slept on the couch last night. I told my wife to get dressed purty cause we was going to Outback. She got on her nice clothes and I looked at her and said, 'Okay c'mon lets go out back.' hahahaah! she thought we was going to Outback Steakhouse!!! I was just takin her out in the backyard to have a couple hot dogs..."

Ryan and I politely laughed. Hoping the car in front of us would move forward so we could move forward.

"You know," he continued "I also slept on the couch on our honeymoon. Yeah we was up with that preacher and he asked me if I'd marry her. And I said, 'I do... UNTIL I can do better!!' hahahaha" .... pause.... "I guess that's why we're getting a divorce today." .... followed by a long awkward silence. We both apologized to him abou the the divorce and he just sort of stood there. Halfway out the window staring at us. I was biting my cheeks trying so very hard not to laugh. Mentally trying to push the car in front of us so we could drive out of this uncomfortable situation. Unfortunately the car in front of us didn't move for a few minutes. Luckily the cashier left the window and started singing at the top of his lungs, "I DO!!!!! TILL I CAN DO BETTER!!!..."

I don't know- I think it may have been more entertaining than the movie.

On a bright note- Jayden drank a whole McDonalds smoothie. I didn't think it had milk in it, but I found out that it DOES. And a lot of milk. Jayden did completely fine with it. I think he's over his milk allergy... HOORAY!!!! Think of all the possibilities...
Mac and cheese
Ice Cream
Jayden will no longer have to eat noodles mixed with Italian Dressing every single day!!!!


Ashlie Dalton said...

that is sooo awkward! and a little t.m.i. on his part as well. ha!

cool that jayden is over his milk allergy. i wish i had something like that to blame on cole eating only quessadillas and pb&j.

jamirodana said...

Leave it to Mc D's to hire a wacko!

Hooray for Jayden! I hope he is over the allergy. I can't imagine, okay, I can, but I would hate it!

Amy said...

Oooh noodles with Italian dressing sounds kinda good. Maybe lunch today.

Hooray for allergy-less-ness!

And weirdos are McDonald's make the best stories. :D