Sunday, July 11, 2010


The summer is halfway through and Im pretty sure I haven't consistently blogged since last fall. And THAT wasn't a happy time. I have pretty much felt like I have fallen off the face of the earth. The other day I was reading blog posts of past and was reminded of things I had totally forgotten about. I feel bad, because someday when we have another baby, and that baby is in the 1-2 year old stage I'll check my blog to see if I'd dealt with "insert whatever trial here" and there will be no recollection. I'm too lazy to write in a journal, but I type fast enough I should be keeping some sort of record!!!

Jayden turns TWO on Friday. I'm not sure how that came so quickly. It scares me- how is he that old now?! He still loves to snuggle. He is talking in full sentences now- although only 40% of those sentences are comprehensible. Jayden loves "Taking care" of his toys. His Elmo, his baby, his doggy... This worries Ryan greatly. I think it's precious.
Still a little obsessed with Elmo, however the last three days he hasn't asked for Elmo so I'm HOPING we might be getting to the light at the end of the tunnel. I don't know if I like his new obsession much more. I have read books for a total of 2 1/2 hours every. single. day. Elmo was cool because I could stick him in the DVD player and get stuff done. Books are cool because they're supposed to be better for your child ... you know, make them smarter? But I have not been able to get anything done. And I can't just make up the words, or say "blah.. blah.. blah.." as I turn the pages. Nope. That makes him angry. Don't think I'm a bad mom. The first half hour of book time is fun... then he runs out of books, and we have to start all over again... Hmm... I think I need to invest in one of those "Teach your baby to read" programs. Or maybe I'll start reading Dan Brown to him?
Jayden loves animals, cars, trains, books, and scooby-doo fruit snacks right now. We have been to the zoo a couple of times and he is in heaven. ... Lets see... what else? I mentioned before that I'm pretty sure he's over his milk allergy and we're really excited. 5 days in a row he has had some sort of dairy and has done fine. He still has a pretty bad case of asthma and we're taking that day by day. I wish that was something he could just grow out of. We live in the wrong state from him to have asthma.

Jayders is really shy. And that has been really hard for me to watch. He gets so closed up when new or big groups of people are around. Even people who aren't new, it takes him a long while to get used to someone and open up. I kind of view it as shyness= lack of confidence and it frustrates me because I feel like he's way too young to lack confidence. I don't know what to do to help him feel more comfortable!! We go to the park, and if it's just him he'll do great. Climbing, exploring... if another kid comes on the playground Jayden won't get near it. Won't leave my side. Any ideas on what I should do??? ... Was he beaten up by another kid when I wasn't watching?? What is up???

Anyway- there's Jayden in a nutshell.

Ryan and I are good. We just celebrated our five year anniversary in June. Sort of celebrated... we went to Sizzler? ;) Work has been treating him well, lately he gets home at decent hours and we're able to spend most of the day with him. He just applied to go back to school. And from what I've heard... I'll never see him again :( But I think it will be really good for our future and I think it'll really help his brain. ;)

I have really enjoyed not having a job outside the home. I do feel guilty but my focus has had to be elsewhere. It has given me the opportunity to focus on myself and to get things in order. I have appreciated Ryan supporting me- I know it has been hard for him. Really hard. He is a good guy. Heavenly Father has really helped us get by. I have such a strong testimony of tithing. It doesn't make any sense- but it works.

I will upload some videos and pictures later. Im pretty sure I have to charge my camera before I do that. Goodnight!


Shane and Linda said...

I wouldn't worry too much about Jayden! He does great in nursery! He's pretty mellow, but he doesn't shy away from activities or other kids! He just seems content to do his own thing...and sometimes I think that's a good thing!

Andi and Jimmy said...

I bet it's more about being unsure about a situation than actually having a lack of confidence bc Brooke used to be like that too but she's really come a long way now that she's experienced and learned more about the world. In the last several months, I started taking her to library storytime and having a playgroup once a week with a couple of my friends from church, and that's seemed to help but it could just be her age too...Jayden will change soooo much in the next 6 months.