Sunday, June 6, 2010

My Mom

Growing up in Illinois- when the movie "God's Army" came out, a group of youth and parents drove 40 minutes to the only movie theater in Illinois that would play a "Mormon Film". Hopefully the theater made some decent money from it because I'm pretty sure all the mormons within 3 hours of that movie theater went to see Gods Army. Anyway- that movie probably hasn't made an impression on anyone who grew up in Utah. BUT I thought it was pretty cool.
When I was growing up my mom had been working on a book about sister missionaries. She served a mission for 21 months in Asuncion Paraguay when she turned 21. She loved hearing stories from other women who went and served around the world and thought it would make a wonderful book to compile all the stories.
Now, I'm not sure how it happened because I was a teenager and the world pretty much revolved around me but my mom was contracted to write a book from the Sister Missionary's point of view from the movie, Gods Army.
I think the publisher dragged their feet or something because she was writing and rewriting this book for like 5 years. I don't think they knew what they wanted. Eventually Gods Army was ancient history. But she had some great ideas so she changed things around a lot and wrote a new book about a Sister Missionary.
I know my mom wrote it so I am a bit biased, BUT her book is AWESOME.
It was such an uplifting read. A story about a young woman who has these dreams about a family she is supposed to find and teach the gospel to. She goes on a mission in attempt to find this family- and has a lot of exciting experiences along the way. I am so proud of my mom for publishing her first book. Every time I go to Seagull Book I have to bite my tongue not to point at the book on the display shelf and yell, "that's my mom!!" Although Tara did do that for me on my last trip there :)
And to get this in the mail and see my mom's book... AWESOME!! Way to go mom


Shane and Linda said...

That IS pretty cool!

Heather Strong said...

This is so great. I remember you posting something on FB or your blog about this and I saw the banners and posters at Seagull, too! I even felt special for knowing the author's daughter. I served a mission to Sweden and so I love anything sister-missionary-related. I even had several dreams about my mission before I left and then experienced them while I was there. The dreams weren't anything significant like finding a certain family, though. :) I will have to read her book. I hope that she inspires many sisters to serve missions because it is a once in a lifetime experience!

Annie Speaks Her Mind said...

I'm not sure what is cooler. Publishing a book or having my daughter impressed by the fact that I did.

Tiffany's Mom

Amy said...

That's so cool! You're mom's famous! :D

Richard Savage said...

It is also nice to have a "famous" daughter. Her DaD

Emily Redd said...

hey Tiffany, it's been so long since I checked in on you guys to see how you all are doing!! We still miss you and the kids would love a visit sometime!! That is sooo cool about your mom, I had no idea! I will for sure check it out and buy it, it sounds like a nice read and I would love a nice read right now! From what I do know of your mom, from all that you've told me...she sounds like an amazing woman! So you def. should be proud of her and that she is your mom!! Anyway, the twins and I are keeping busy and having a good summer ; we'd love to hear from you me or something. I'd love to talk!!