Thursday, March 25, 2010


Rachel tagged me a couple of days ago. I wanted to do it while Jayden was napping, after I had taken a shower, and had some makeup on... Unfortunately Jayden has boycotted naps- and since he has been sick Im not allowed to have any time to myself (to shower, put on makeup... get dressed..). Im SO glad Ryan is coming home in a couple of hours. Im going crazy!!!!


This was a tough one- but it's the main room in our house and it's where our family is together most. Plus there's food- and I like food. (Someone told me the color red makes you hungry- I wish I had known that before I painted HALF my kitchen that color..)

Our bathroom:

Laundry Room:

Self Portrait (Please excuse to greasy hair- no makeup look...) And since my brother may ask- yes Im making a dumb face on purpose.

Im supposed to post a picture of my favorite shoes now- but I forgot to take a picture of them. Don't worry- you're not missing much :)

The fridge:
Out and in

Kind of hard to get a picture of it- so I took a few:

Kitchen Sink:

And what my monkey was doing while I was taking pictures around the house:

Junk drawer fun...

Now I think Im going to go take a shower so Im at least somewhat presentable when Ryan comes home. Don't judge me!!! ;)

Oh and I tag everyone whose FIRST name starts with A-.... M?
and everyone else too.


Amy said...

lol. LOVE the self portrait. :) I like your red kitchen. You should want to eat in sense getting sick looking at the food you're making.

Ashlie Dalton said...

your house is so pretty!!! AND clean when put on the spot!
your self portrait is awesome too!

Andi and Jimmy said...

i've never heard that red makes you hungry! my living room has two walls that are red. every night after brooke goes to bed, jimmy and i crave culver's and often end up having a 4th meal...nice. good thing i'll be nursing again soon and burning calories. p.s. i know you are, but i can tell in the pictures for sure that you are a clean freak...your hubby gone and sick child and your house still is clean. lol! that's good though and i'm glad that i'm not the only one

Rachel said...

Hmm. My kitchen is red too. The same wall, actually. And you are much braver than me to take multiple shots of your closet. I was barely brave enough to post the one I DID use.

Heather Strong said...

Hi Tiffany! I just blog-stalked you. I was going to do this tag but seriously, my house is way too messy and I don't want to admit quite how much!

Camey said...

You are SO pretty and is your house always that clean?? So jealous!