Friday, March 12, 2010

The Febuary and some of March recap

It's time to update again...

Off topic (isn't everything I write off topic?) I used to have an online journal. Nobody knew about it. Well- nobody except for a few people. And the strangers of the world wide web. I really liked it. I could be completely open. And I was. Im pretty unreasonably open on this blog.... But on this blog I probably wouldn't talk about my feelings of inadequacy or lack of self esteem. Or hurt feelings, or... any of those things that I used to love to talk about. It's kind of a bummer. But I needed to learn to sensor anyway.

I certainly have been having a case of the end of winter blahs. Im done with winter. Im excited for spring. I have no idea what the rest of this year has in store for us. And Im a little bit scared thinking about it. Hopefully good things. Jayden is already almost 20 months! Insane. Four more months and I'll have a two year old. Sometimes I just stare at him and wonder how the heck he has gotten so big.. so fast!

Ryan is loving his new job. And so am I! I love having him around more often. This job is really a blessing for him. It's still kind of hard to get used to the post stroke effects. He's so tired all the time. I need to change my mentality of tired=lazy (but only when 10-12 hours of sleep=tired) and remind myself of everything his body has been through. This last weekend he got around to staining the railing in our kitchen. It looks a lot better.

Jayden is doing great. Unfortunately for us he seems to have already entered into the terrible two stage. AND he is testing ALL of his boundaries. Im so sorry to people who have hung out with us lately and seen his ugly side. He is certainly TRYING to teach us patience. At 20 months
*Jayden has used the big potty about 15 times. If you sit him on the little toilet and tell him to go to the bathroom (and he actually needs to go) - he will. He will still go in his diaper- and hasn't ever told me he needs to go to the bathroom- BUT it's a good start.
*He is obsessed with ELMO. He asks to watch Elmo every hour. I wish this was an exaggeration. I really, really do. I'm not sure what to do about this new obsession. I dont like him to watch movies a lot. And he freaks out when we tell him "No Elmo"... we let him freak out- but it's still frustrating.
*Loves saying prayers. Every single meal he has to say a prayer. I whisper the words to him and he goes. He gets very frustrated if anyone decides not to fold their arms though.
*Loves slides. We got an inexpensive little slide and climber of KSL... unfortunately the weather has been crappy but hopefully soon he'll be able to enjoy it.
*He still is copying every word you say. The only sentences he says are "Are you ready?" "Ready- set- GO!" "Thats mine" and "No ___ (insert name here)." Those are sentences, right? ;)

The end of February we gave away one of our cats, Emmy. But she found a really good home, and hopefully is a lot happier. We gave Shadow away too, but she came back the next day. I was actually very grateful about it (its a good story- feel free to ask me about it). So now we just have ONE cat and ONE dog.

Hmmm... what else??? We're trying to sell our Acura So if you know anyone interested... call me! :)
And I recently had a couple of interviews of some really promising jobs. I should know SOMETHING by Monday. I'll try to blog about it- but you may just have to wait until March's recap. ;)

To end... a picture of my trouble maker


jaimie said...

Wow, Jayden is getting so big!

jamirodana said...

Hey, when we have those couple of warm days during the weeks, come to the playground. It's fun and there are a few mom's who come out now:)
We are the extra tough mom's that don't mind the chill in the air;) haha

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