Wednesday, March 3, 2010


When Ryan and I were living in a rented apartment shortly after marriage, he would tell me about all the things he would do when we had our "own house".
To be honest I didn't really believe he could do any of those things he claimed he could. I certainly knew I couldn't. And growing up I didn't see a lot of handy work being done. (Don't worry dad- I know there are good reasons! ;) )
Finally in 2006 the day came where we were building our own house:

We didn't do any upgrades because Ryan promised me that he would do all the upgrades himself... I was kind of annoyed and lacking confidence... but he has stayed true to his word. I was looking through pictures of our house over the last few years and it has changed a lot. Many projects later our house is finally turning out how we imagined. And it has been a fun, hard adventure. Im glad Ryan is such a handy man. He has done a great job. His mad skills are a total turn on. I want to post pictures of our before and after renovations... we're not even halfway done.. but we're getting there..

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Chris and Tara said...

I loved all the updates. Ryan is an excellent handy-man. The bedroom looks so great!