Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Master Bedroom

Im a little embarrassed to post pictures from right after we moved in. We didn't have much "stuff" so I improvised. My first project was the master bedroom... and I totally ruined it....

I decided to do an accent wall in red, and paint the walls tan. The walls turned out to be gray. And my red accent wall turned out awful. After 5 coats of paint I could still see brush strokes. I decided to fix the problem. Sponge paint... had I ever done it before? NOPE! Did I like how it turned out? .. NOPE!!!! Unfortunately I was burnt out from painting.. so the UGLY accent wall had to stay. And it did.

Two years later... I was still hating the master bedroom. But we didn't have any money for MY project ::GRUMBLE::. I was a nanny and I would take a percentage from every check and stick it in a special account specifically for our bedroom. Eventually life got crazy and I forgot all about it. But when a local store had a home clearance event of 80-90% off... I certainly remembered my previous plan. The only thing we paid full price for was the paint and molding. $250 dollars. I should be on the show "Design on a Dime". I LOVE it.


Eva Crockett said...

I like what you did with your master bedroom!! I love the two tone!!

Rachel said...

Is that a chandelier above your bathtub? I told Collin I wanted one above ours but he told me I would hit my head when I got out and squashed that idea. Everytime I am in there I stare at the ceiling thinking how cool it would look to have one there. So, do you hit your head?