Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Odds and Ends

More updates :) And some pictures...

Jayden is doing much better. Those steroids for asthma worked like a charm. However now he has a horrible rash and Im wondering if it's related?? It also made him SUPER hyper. It was like ADHD X10. He's starting to get a runny nose.. but I can handle that. :) That's ALL I want to deal with.

Ryan is getting better everyday. He gets his IV taken out on Saturday which he is REALLY looking forward to. He just put together a computer, and we're very proud of him :) Thank you inlaws for providing him with those hours of entertainment.

I haven't heard from workman's comp OR the HR person at Ryan's job. I should probably call and follow up... I just don't have the motivation. Im in the middle of a work week so my motivation, on a scale from 1 to 10 is like a 3. Im getting these medical bills for 1,000 dollars... 600 dollars. Claims being denied.. and I'm totally tossing them aside saying "Eh, I'll deal with this later." My old self would be freaking out. My new self is okay with that. Yay for the new me.

I can finally say: Im okay. I really am. No, we're not in a great situation right now. But I am glad we're in THIS situation and not dealing with being a single mom. I'm so glad Ryan is alive. The more we talk to Doctor's the clearer it is that he shouldn't be alive. This is a miracle. And I am so grateful. All three of us are alive, currently healthy, and I think (hope!) we appreciate each other a lot more. I feel so blessed. Family and friends are amazing... I'm feeling like a broken record.

When Ryan came out of open heart surgery he looked SICK. They had this huge IV thing in his neck... you may want to skip these pictures:

Gross, huh?
Anyway- here he sits... everyday. Ryan's grandma gave us one of those electronic lift recliner things. He used to sleep there every night. But in the last couple of days has joined me in the bed. It's finally getting the point that his chest doesn't hurt to lay down

Last Saturday we had a ward Halloween party. It was a lot of fun and Jayden did trunk or treating for the first time. I sure love this boy:

And we carved some pumpkins for the FIRST TIME EVER since Ryan and I have been married. Jayden enjoyed eating the pumpkin. I made Ryan and Jayden with my pumpkins and Ryan made some evil thing


Malerie said...

i'm so happy things are turning around, for the better! i couldn't be happier for you. I agree with you, even though your situation isn't ideal, i'm so happy you're not a single mom and having to go through all of that, what a blessing that really is!

Love Jayden's halloween costume, way cute!

Dana Willis said...

I'm glad you and your little family are doing so much better. You seem a little less stressed even when you write:)
I love your pumpkin "Ryan and Jayden", so clever and cute:)
I guess we should carve that pumpkin on my porch!!! I keep forgetting!

Clement Clan said...

Love that pics Tiff and I'm so glad things appear to be looking up. I know that the miracles that took place were in direct relation to all the fasting and prayers that were sent your way! You need to put that cute bath picture of Jayden on your blog too, so aunt annie and Grandma can see it. We love you guys!

Rachel said...

You're Scarlett O'Hara from Gone With the Wind. Whenever things got bad she would say "I'll think about that tomorrow" all the time. And then she never thought about it again. I love Scarlett.

Chris and Tara said...

Yea for all the happy halloween stuff!!!