Wednesday, November 4, 2009

12:22 am

Work is slow. I'm trying to avoid the temptation of VTO (Voluntary Time Off). I don't have much to blog about. That's a good thing I think! ... Don't worry I'll come up with something.

Jayden is still sick. He has been sick since Ryan was in the hospital. But what he is sick with seems to be changing. He had that yucky cough... and then it turned into bad asthma. With the asthma he got a secondary infection and had a runny nose and consistent fever. Now he has that stupid cough again and hasn't kept food down all day. He has been running a fever every night for the last week. I have gone through a whole bottle of baby Motrin. I'm feeling very guilty about that. His bottom two molars are coming in and one side of his gums is two times the size of the other side. I'm not sure if this is normal, or if his gums are infected. Those teeth have been trying to come up for a month.
He's a trooper. Despite fevers and not being able to sleep he has been such a good guy. I've spent many nights with him rocking and praying that whatever is wrong with him will just go away. I don't know why he gets so sick so often when fall and winter come. They say breastfed baby's are more healthy. Psssh! Whatever!
...Yeah I'm still breastfeeding at 15 months. He was almost weaned and losing interest right before Ryan went the hospital. I thought for sure I would lose my milk supply because of all the stress. But nope. And Jayden just wanted to breastfeed more. I figured it was an attachment thing. And I knew he was stressed so I let him. Now he's sick, and sometimes it's the only thing he'll eat/drink. Ugh, I feel like a cow.
He's certainly growing like a weed. He understands what we say to him which is really cool. We can tell him to do things "Get your shoes" "Go kiss daddy" "Tough your nose, mouth ears..." "Put away your toys" ... and he understands us. I know every child learns these things, but it's so neat to watch your baby grow. He is saying a lot of words. HE LOVES talking on cell phones. It's his passion in life. And EVERYTHING is a telephone to him... he'll put the object up to his ear and will go 15 minutes straight just talking on the phone. It's funny cause Ryan and I don't talk on the phone very much.
Here are some pictures of our little guy that make me smile :)

In other news, Ryan got his picc line removed on Monday. He had been carrying around the IV for six weeks! He was soooo excited to get it out. I thought the man purse he always carried around was quite fashionable:

It carried something like

And this is how it was put it in him. When she took it out it seemed like she kept pulling and pulling and pulling

I guess it went up to the heart. For some reason neither of us realized that. My attention to detail (or lack of) scares me sometimes.

Just to reiterate... I know I do every time... BUT we feel so blessed to have such amazing family and friends. Thank you for helping us :) You know who you are. We hope someday we're able to return the favor. We feel so blessed and hope you're blessed. Thank you. It's almost impossible to feel down with all the support we've received. Thank you.

And as you can tell from the pictures above... Jayden was a tiger for Halloween. He enjoyed the first part of trick or treating. He was a little overwhelmed but enjoyed taking candy and putting it in his bag. He and I ended up calling it quite early since neither of us were feeling very well so daddy went and partied without us... haha :) It was fun. And he is always opening our pantry door to go through his stash. Just like his mama. :)


C&CSant said...

I love love LOVE the bath picture! He so cute! I love how it looks kike he posed for the picture!

Andi and Jimmy said...

well you know that i love it that you're still breastfeeding!! i know you guys still have a lot to go, but i'm glad things are starting to settle for you.

Chris and Tara said...

Number one: I think that drawing of the man with the picc line should look a little more disturbed about what's inside of him... I'm just sayin'...

Number two: that picture of Jayden in the tub is so precious! Love it.

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