Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Two down... one to go?

Today has been the day from HECK. I did initially swear- but then I deleted it :) It has been a bad long day. And I want to be in bad. Really really bad. But Im trying to work... TRYING. I turned on my computer and instead of loading up all my programs I turned it off again. Without even thinking. Hopefully I dont accidentally delete someones flight. Anyway- I'll blog to help keep me a wake. Keep in mind, once again, Im tired.
Sunday night Jayden's cough was getting really really consistent. I was up all night with him. I had to get off work and just hold him. He was throwing up phlegm... On top of that- APPARENTLY 'Salad Supreme' has milk and cheese in it. It's a seasoning.. it never even occur ed to me to check the ingredients before I tossed it in the Pasta salad we had for dinner. So he had a major allergic reaction. Eye lids swelling up. His breathing got all crazy... I was so confused- but I knew it couldnt be an allergic reaction because I "knew" he hadn't had any dairy. Eventually I figured it out. I felt so bad. And so guilty. And I assumed the "worsening cough" was due to the fact that I almost killed him. Im a bad mom. Im so mad at myself.

Like I said Sunday night he was coughing all night so I called the new pediatrician (our old one moved to Oregon.. thanks for the reference Catherine!) and they said they could see him that morning. I got there and everyone was wearing face masks... and looked miserable. Moms looked stressed out... Kids tired and sick. Jayden at that time was coughing, but full of energy. Someone in our ward had suggested his cough sounded like asthma so I wasnt too worried about him since he seemed to have plenty of energy. Although his breathing was a bit labored.
He was diagnosed with asthma. They gave us an aero chamber mask:

you attatch the inhaler on one end... cover the nose and mouth with the other... AND you're supposed to keep it on his face for two minutes. Ever tried to cover a 15 month old nose and mouth for two minutes? Jayden would not do it. And his cough got worse and worse. His breathing... worse and worse.

Which brings us to today. Jayden was up again.. all night. I slept maybe 2 1/2- 3 hours since I was really worried about him. He was throwing up and his breathing sounded awful. I had to put his head between my knees, and hold his arms with one hand while spraying the inhaler with the other. Torture. For both of us.
First thing in the morning I called the pediatrician office to tell them that Jayden wouldnt take the inhaler and we would need to use a nebulizer (sp?). They told me I could come pick one up.
Then I check my email, and Ryan's job has FINALLY sent me Cobra applications so I now have NINE days to fill out, apply, and become approved for Cobra before our deadline is up and we will be insurable for a YEAR. WE CANT DO THAT. I don't have that much time. An added stress.
Jayden wouldnt eat breakfast... wouldnt eat lunch. I picked up the nebulizer machine but they told me the medicine for it couldn't be called into the pharmacy until that afternoon. Jayden was really sick by this point with a high fever.
I tried calling to workmans comp lady to find out why nothing has gone through yet. I wanted to know if she needed any other information. In the three hours I tried calling her 8 times. She never answered her phone. And here's the kicker: she doesn't have voicemail.
.... Fast forward to two o clock. My mom comes over to watch Jayden since I had to take Ryan to a DR's appt. Ryan appointment was at 3:45 at the U... I left the house around 2:15 to pick up the prescription that had been called in two hours prior. The pharmacy told me they prescription had not been filled because the stinkin guy didn't see Jayden in the system. They told me to wait ten minutes. I came back ten minutes later- they said to wait another ten. After being there a half hour they tell me that theyre out of the medication for Jayden- but they would have it tomorrow. I knew Jayden was getting sicker and sicker so I drove to another Smiths.

Got to Smiths and they told me it would be ten minutes to download Jayden's file before they could fill the scrip. At that point I was able to get in touch with the workman's comp lady. She is a beast. Child of evil evil evil. I have never talked to anyone so mean in my entire life. To sum it up- she called me a liar. She accused me of withholding medical records. Told me she was going to deny my claim- and then corrected herself (I dont think she was allowed to say that quite yet). She said that it was suspicious that Ryan was hospitalized the same day we went camping... Ryan got his stitches taken out, AND came home sick from work. I dont know where she got her information. Ryan and I went camping on aUGUST 21st. The same day Ryan got cut at work. Two weeks later the stitches were removed. 2 weeks later he was hospitalized. Her information was completely false- and I tried to explain that to her- but she wouldnt stop cutting me off and accusing me of all these insane untrue things....

(Background on workmans comp: We are attempting to file for WC because it is believed that the cut that Ryan got at work was how this infection entered his blood. The infection built a home in the left ventricle of his heart... and then pieces of the puss were breaking off- going to the brain causing the stroke. The mass that was removed... that was thought to be a tumor was actually a HUGE abscess of infection.)

Anyway- she wouldn't tell me what Medical Records she wanted. She just kept saying she wanted ALL of them. I told her I thought she had all of them- but she didn't believe me. Whatever. Typically under circumstances such as that I would cry. But I was so angry. And didn't have time to cry.

We were late for Ryan's Dr appt. But in summary: They won't start him on blood thinnners but want him to take an aspirin a day since it appears he might be prone to clotting. They said it was thought to IMPOSSIBLE for an infection to make it's home in the left vent. of the heart because it is continuously pumping and cleaning itself out. She told Ryan and I that she- and all the other Dr's were SURE he was going to die. They had his name in red- because he wasn't expected to make it. She said she had never seen anything like that before... Dr's were taking pictures of the surgery with their "I phones" She said they have shown it to every Dr under the sun and no one can believe Ryan made it through that surgery alive. MIRACLE!!

Speaking of miracles... we got home from the appointment and Jayden's fever was at 102. My mom said she had given him Motrin but it just wasn't working. His breathing was really awful and he was so out of it. I called the Dr's who told me to bring him in right away since Davis county was being saturated with the swine flu virus. When we got there Jayden oxygen percentage was 86%... it's supposed to be 100% . They weren't going to let us go home. I prayed really hard. Ryan prayed really hard. After two nebulizer treatments, steroids, and motrin. His oxygen level was up to 93% and they let us go home. He doesn't have any type of flu. They can't explain his fever... but I say it's just a miracle that he's home... and breathing a little bit better. So we're home... and Im now working... but I gave away hours for the rest of the week. We need money... especially since sweet workmans comp lady said she was going to stretch this out till the 4th of Nov. Which means no money coming in till the fourth. Witch. And they'll probably deny the claim.. and we'll have to get a lawyer which will stretch it out even more. Once again.... witch. URGH!!!
I need my sanity. So we can just live in a cardboard box as long as I can sleep a little the next couple of days. I have to given Jayden his 15 minute treatment every four hours... Im looking forward to the day where I can sleep more than 3 hours at a time. Lord help me.

Well... I'd like to say I feel better. But I don't. This post wasn't very well thought out. I think I just need sleep. Im starting to run a fever and I can't afford to get sick right now.


jaimie said...

Tiff, that sounds so insanely unfair and rough. I'm so sorry. I'm here for you if you need anything. Good luck!

Amy said...

You're still in our prayers. Please let me know if I can help.

Kelly Kelley said...

Any offices that have to cough up any money are such jerks! WC or Insurances-they get rude its like its in their hand book. I dont understand it either. Just stand firm on what happened and soon they will see the story wont change. That is so frustrating, Im so sorry I wish i could call them for you.

Rachel said...

Do you want someone to call them for you? You need to ask for a supervisor. She can't be the end all be all of your claim. She has a boss. And her boss has a boss. I've worked in customer service for insurance on behlaf of employer's for years and I can tell you, she shouldn't be getting away with treating anyone like that.

Rachel said...

Oh, and which Smith's did you go to? My mom is a pharmacist at the Smith's across the street from Menlove. Next time you go tell her you know me and who you are (I've told her all about you and she asks how you are all the time). She is a lot nicer to people she knows (she used to work at a store out in West Valley where everyone was on medicaid and she still doesn't trust people). Anyway, her name is Joanne. If she isn't there, tell them you are friends with her daughter. Once my mom started working there they all started treating me a lot nicer.

C&CSant said...

Tiffany- I don't even have words. It makes me sick to see everything you are going through. My trials are nothing. You must be a very strong women. I hope you don't have a fever. You need a break. You poor thing. I have heard WC are always thinking that people are just out to get money and are very difficult! Are you living off of your income alone? I will pray SO hard for you!

dave + kirst said...

Tiff! I didn't read this until today :( So I'm sorry I'm a few days late but I absolutely love you and will do anything for you - PLEASE tell me how I can help you. Can I watch Jayden for a few hours in the afternoon tomorrow so you can take a long nap? I've got some time in between 11am-1:30pm and would be more than happy to play with him. Or Dave and I could entertain Ryan and Jay during that time so you can sleep?

Hope said...

You don't know me, I'm in the FB 4the Ward and started reading your blog after your ward's YW president told me about your situation. I hope that's okay.

Anyway, I just wanted to ask if you had someone close to you that could make take over of these insurance phonecalls/paperwork for you? Maybe one of yours or your husband's parents? You could give them all the important info and what you're needing exactly, and then you can "let go" of that stress a bit and focus more on other things. I really feel for you--I wish I knew you so I could offer to take care of your son for a day. I don't know if this helps but I think most people would agree I am a "good person" and a loving mother of 3. If you didn't feel uncomfortable, please call me--I'd be willing to help. 797-9127 HOPE TAFT