Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Imagine my surprise when I got the hospital this morning to find a note on his whiteboard saying they were planning on discharging him from the hospital tomorrow. Someone who had open heart surgery 3 days ago. Who is recovering from strokes. "Why?" I asked. Because... our insurance doesn't cover U of U. Fabulous. They will cover parts of it. But only parts they agree to. Our max out of pocket goes up... And our cap goes down. Oh and anything that our insurance refuses to pay- we get to pick up that tab. So really, I was told, we can forget about our "maximum out of pocket" expense being the most we will have to pay.

The good news- and maybe the bad news?- One of his Dr's didn't think it was appropriate to send Ryan home so soon. He is encouraging the Hospital to release Ryan to a Rehabilitation Center for the next 7-10 days. A lot more days of Ryan being gone.. and me trying to balance seeing Ryan and seeing Jayden. But at least he'd get the help that he needs. We will find out tomorrow if he comes home or goes to Rehab.

On the same lines of frustration I am trying really really hard to get all the paperwork done so we can get disability for these duration (of hopefully only) months that Ryan can't work. The Doctors need to fill out some of this paperwork. As soon as possible. So we can live. Is it any priority to them. Their excuse for not getting them to me today is because they're busy. Busy? They're getting their paychecks once a week... Cant you just take a few minutes??

On a brighter note- reflecting back on the last week- I am so grateful for everything that happened. Seeing everything clearly now- it seems that Ryan has had this tumor growing in his heart for possibly years. As a mentioned before it is extremely rare for a tumor to grow in the left ventricle of the heart. We would have never ever known about it unless Ryan had gotten this blood infection.

The Doctor's told me that for a blood infection to go to a tumor in the heart is unheard of. But that's where this infection settled. But had it not settled in that mass in the heart.. I can only imagine what would have happened had he not been hospitalized. He would have been going about his normal life.. a piece of the mass would have broken off and he would have died. With no warning. The Lord truly does work in miraculous ways. It's not Ryans time to go. He keeps getting really down on himself. Depressed about what is happening to him. But as I keep reminding him... his life is a miracle.

Moreso- apparently the Dr's were not expecting him to make it through the surgery. They were very doom and gloom. They were almost sure he would suffer some sort of severe brain damage. We didn't realize it until after they performed the surgery. And I'm glad I had no idea about their "optimism". But it was another miracle. God wants this man alive :) And thank goodness!

So despite all the frustration.. the heartbreak.. the tiredness. Im grateful.

We have been so blessed by the servive of others. I have been more humbled in the last week than I think I have ever been in my life. I hope that someday we can encounter a large sum of money and can pay you all back for your kindness and generosity. I have been overwhelmed. I wish I could do something to repay every one of you. I pray the Lord will bless you beyond your needs. Thank you everyone for your care and concern. We feel so much love and I just can't thank you enough.

Ryan has been doing better. He took about four walks today. They have one of his chest tubes out- and are planning on taking the second one out tomorrow. His memory is so much better. It's still not all there- but we're hoping in time we will completely recover.

Jayden and I got pretty sick from being in the Hospital so much but we're recovering pretty well. Im finally getting to the point where I can go to sleep at night and that is helping a lot. If only Jayden would get the memo that it's okay to sleep through the night..

Anyway- again thank you for your thoughts and prayers. We love you guys.


Tricia said...

I'm so glad to read this news (well, not the part about the insurance...that really stinks). But I'm so happy Ryan is improving. Our thoughts and prayers will continue...

Stephanie said...

Yay! I'm so glad Ryan's doing better. We'll continue to fast and pray for your cute little family!

Tiff, you're one of my favorite persons in the whole world. If I can do anything for you, please let me know. If you need someone to take Jayden so you can have a nap, or you need some chocolate chip cookies; I'm right here for ya.

Sending loves your way! :)

Jackie said...

Glad to hear that Ryan is getting better and that you and Jayden are doing as well as can be expected, too. So sorry about the insurance drama - always comes up when you have the biggest bills to pay, right? Hopefully you can get that worked out. Heavenly Father wanted Ryan to stay here...things will turn up soon. What a week you have had! We're continuing to send prayers your way.

Shane and Linda said...

I'm so glad to hear Ryan is improving. Despite all the tough stuff it's truly miraculous to see God's hand in your life. Trust in him and he will see you ALL the way through this!

Nikki Taylor said...

Tiff you just amaze me. How you can see God's hand and blessings in a time like this is simply amazing and very humbling for me. You are INCREDIBLE woman! I am so relieved to hear Ryan is doing better and still pray that he will continue to improve. I don't know how you do it. I am in awe at your strength. Even at your times of frustration you are a thousand times stronger then I would be on my best day. My thoughts and prayers continue to be with you and your sweet little family.

Greg Crockett said...

It is a miracle. We're happy to hear the good news. We'll continue to keep you in our prayers.

Rachel said...

I'm looking forward to the day when I can read your blog and not cry (out of happiness this time).
So glad to hear that God wants Ryan to live. I am pretty sure God isn't the only one. We will now add to our prayers a plea to soften the doctor's hearts so they will fill out your stupid paper work.

MikeandJacqueVO said...


I know we are not there but i hope that you know we have been praying for your family this past week. I have been reading your blog everyday. I am so gald that Ryan is progressing. We love you and are constantly thinking about you.

Amy said...

I'm impressed with your ability to see the silver lining, and I'm glad you can. I'm also glad he's OK and that they saw this when they did. You are all still in our prayers (in fact, you've kindof improved our thanks for that!) and if there is ANYTHING we can do, just say the word.

Benjamin said...

I'm so happy to hear that Ryan is recovering! I'm praying for you all.

I can't believe the doctor's can't take even a few minutes to work on that paperwork, knowing how vital it is.

Gina said...


I'm going to email you something important. So check your email.


Blanck said...

This is good news. I have been worried about you and your cute family.

dave + kirst said...

Tiff! We're always praying for you guys and we're so glad that things have worked out with Ryan. Of course there will be struggles in the future because of this and we are more than happy to help you guys. We love you!!

C&CSant said...

Tiff- I was reading a friend of my friends blog and I am pretty sure Ryan doesn't have these symptoms, but it is about a heart condition and I thought just incase I would have you read it.