Friday, August 28, 2009

It's late...

I'm working... it's slow... and I have a lot on my mind. Hellllllo blogging world :)

So life took an unexpected turn these last few days... It started off a week ago when a job opened up at the company Ryan currently works for as a supervisor. We were really excited about the opportunity because it meant MORE MONEY. And we really could use some MORE MONEY. (Who knew a new baby could make you SO POOR!)
Ryan updated his resume- and applied. Our hopes were high... but he was never called in for an interview. :( We were bummed.
On Thursday Ryan was at work and a woman from "Undisclosed company" called Ryan's cell phone. She said she found his resume and (He had posted it on that website over THREE years ago!), and they were interested in interviewing him for a job that would be located at the airport- working on commercial planes. She asked him to apply online- which he did on Friday.
On Monday she called him again and asked him to come in for an interview on Wednesday. He was really nervous- but apparently did great because the very next day they called him and offered him the job.

The Pros:
*The Benefits are AMAZING. SO much better than the health benefits we have now.
*They will pay for Ryan to go to school.
*They are only 11 miles away (as opposed to 40 miles)
*It's a BIG company- lots of room for advancement
*It will give Ryan lots of experience in the field he wants to pursue: Electrical Engineering.

The Cons:
*It pays less :( (BIG CON)
*He would have to work graves
*He would most likely have to work Holidays + weekends.
*It would involve a decent amount of traveling.

They're trying to negotiate on the pay- but it is 100% sure he wouldn't make as much as he makes now. I honestly don't see how we can afford to do that. Will we just be able to make due? We have been trying to be so strict with everything I can't even imagine making less money. I COULD work more. But I really don't want to.

On the other hand there is so much more opportunity with this new offer. Keeping in mind Ryan works on contract right now- so he's only guaranteed his current job job for another year... Of course nowadays what job is guaranteed?

I hate these big decisions that have such a huge impact on our future. Should he stay or should he go? The killer is he has to call her in a few hours and tell her yes or no. We haven't even had a full 24 hours to ponder this...

I don't feel BAD about this new opportunity. Does that mean it's the right thing to do?


Walkers said...

remember your post about prayer and decisions? just apply it into your life.
That's how i work best... go in the direction that you feel you should go, start pursuing that position, and if it's wrong, you'll feel it. If you're neutral that's not a bad thing. You can USUALLY always tell when you're not supposed to do something.

But, that's how it works for me... that's my advice.

Jackie said...

What a tough decision! Life certainly throws us curve balls, doesn't it? Derek was offered a job for a lot more pay, cheaper place, great benefits, etc...80% travel. Meaning he would be gone 5 days out of the week at least. It wasn't worth it to us. Now, I doubt his job would have that much travel (some is good!), but that always weighs heavily on my mind. $$ is always a problem, too - pray about it, ponder it (as much as you can in a day!) and then let us know what you decide! Excited for you!

Stephenson and Katie said...

Ahhh the joys of life... SO many decisions- and I think they are even tougher to make when you have a baby involved. We had the same issue with Stephenson a couple of weeks ago. If we didn't have a baby to provide for and be home for, it wouldn't have even been an issue! You guys are amazing people and you'll make the right decision for your cute family!

Nate, Monique and Haven said...

We had to make this kind of decision too. Nate took a paycut to work for Zagg. It was really hard. We completely depleted our savings account trying to stay on top. But Zagg had SO much more potential and SO much more room to grow. And above it all, Nate was happier working for Zagg. That is something that made the whole paycut situation so much better. How do you put a price on your husband loving his job? When you husband LOVES his job, it really affects the quality of life and the quality of your marriage. He becomes more confident (not that my husband needed that...) and he's just happier at home.

I KNOW this is a hard decision. And I know that sometimes bills need to be taken care of over happiness :) You haven't had a lot of time to ponder it, maybe the new company will give you a little more time?

Good luck with it. Let us know if we can do anything.


Brady and Gretchen said...

So tough :( I can't say what I would do but my sister told me once that there is a difference between not feeling bad about something and really feeling good about something. I thought about that and it's true. When you've prayed, fasted and done everything you can about a big decision, you won't just "not feel bad" about it. Good luck, I know things will work out for you guys no matter what decision you make.

Amy said...

I hate decisions. But good luck! If nothing else it reminds you that you have a husband that people want to hire...that's a plus. :)

Emily said...

What a tough position to be in! I agree with Amy, it's great that people are so interested in your husband in these times, it says a lot about him.
The thing I love most about the Gospel is that we are promised that as long as we are doing all that we can to be directed (prayer, fasting, temple, paying tithing FAITH) then we will be provided for.

Sometimes the answer is not accompanied by bells and whistles, sometimes the Lord asks us to use more faith then we knew we had.

Go back and think about the scenario, Ryan just happened to update his resume right before this random person called? Of course it was for another position in the same company, but really, that was no coincidence. Trust in the Lord, pray your little hearts out, and then trust him some more. He knows the bigger picture, he won't let you down. Good Luck making that choice!

Dave + Kirst said...

Oh Tiff! (and Ryan!) I HATE decisions like this... grrr... because the spirit takes time to understand. I agree with 'Walkers' even though I'm not sure who you are, that you need to do everything spiritually that you can think of to do and then feel which direction you should go in and head in. That's so tough though! Good luck Tiff. Let us know if you need anything- ever.

p.s. sorry i haven't gotten back to you about the hot dogs and hamburgers - maybe we'll get them tonight.

Erica Lyn said...

What ended up happening? You can't just leave us with a cliffhanger like that!!