Sunday, September 13, 2009

It has been a while...

Sorry for the long delay in an update. I didn't want to post anything on the WWW until the "offer" was official.
Thank you all for the wonderful advice! I'm glad I have such smart friends and family :)
Since Ryan and I had less than a 24 hour window to make a decision we did some hardcore praying. We ended up feeling pretty good about the decision of accepting the new job and so Ryan did. Since it's a job working at the airport he had to fill out a bunch of background checks, do drug screenings and wait for all of his references to go through. That took a couple of weeks.
Finally on Friday "the lady" called him and told him everything passed and they want him to start in two weeks. So tomorrow he will give his two week notice which he is really nervous about doing :(
So yes- there will still be a pay cut... And I'm not sure how we'll handle that. But I'm sure we will manage. I'll probably need to pick up more hours when Ryan doesn't get overtime. BUT I can do that. I'm not fond of it. But I can do that.
We have a set plan to get out of debt (everything but the house) in 4 1/2 years. That seems so far away!!! Ryan's new job will pay for all of his schooling which is fabulous. So the future looks bright :)
I think at first things will be hard- but I'm glad it's a job where he can grow. And I think it's something he will really enjoy doing. He loves being out there working on the planes.

What we know so far is that he will be working graves. That is kind of a bummer. I work graves too. And he has in the past so we know how much it wipes you out! Jayden is going to have some tired parents!! If he is still working those hours by the time my schedule changes I'll probably need to change my hours around.

One thing I'm especially anxious about is a two week training I have coming up. It's a mandatory training I have to attend for work in Sandy. 5 days a week. I scheduled it in accordance with Ryan's current schedule not knowing he was going to change jobs- and thus his schedule would change. I will be gone from 3:25-10:30 Sun-Tues and then from Fri-Sat. If Ryan is working graves he will have to go to work around 9? And I'm not sure what we'll do since Jayden will be in bed sleeping. And he won't sleep anywhere but his own bed. We'll battle that hill when it comes. Maybe his schedule will be different the first week?

Anyway- that's the update on the job situation. It's an exciting time. Thank you for your support!!

(Sorry for any typos or grammatic errors... I am working- and too tired to read through what I just wrote).


Amy said...

Congratulations! That is fantastic and exciting news. Plenty of changes, but when you feel good about a decision you can't just not do it.

If you need someone to stay with Jayden at your house during those nights, feel free to give me a call!

Stephenson and Katie said...

I'll babysit Jayden ANYTIME... I know what a pain finding babysitters is so PLEASE call me!
I"m excited for this new "adventure" for your guys!

Chris and Joanna said...

Congrats to Ryan!! It will all work out. I can come watch Jayden during that time if you need me to, I can just cart Makenna along. Call me if you need help.

Nikki Taylor said...

Good luck on this new journey!! I too would LOVE to watch Jayden anytime so if you are ever in a pinch please let me know!

Malerie Walker said...

I'm excited for you guys!!! I totally understand having husbands switch jobs... it for sure can be scary, to not know the unexpected! but... it's exciting, and a new chapter in your lives!!!

if i still lived in Foxboro i'd for sure come over and watch Jayden. But i'm far away now. :(

Caprene said...

I can help out too. Pretty soon you'll have enough comments to cover every night!

Nate, Monique and Haven said...

I'm going to go ahead and add my services too! :)

I work Monday and Tuesday, so I can watch Jayden Wed-Friday. And we can watch him at your house too! As long as I can bring Dora and Diego videos, Haven will be great! :)

Please let your friends help you. We love you!!

Caroline said...

I'm so excited for you guys about Ryan's new job! I'm sure everything will work out :)

Let me know if you need help with Jayden! It would be super easy for me to come over for a little bit at night - the only things I do in the evenings are watch t.v. and study for the CPA exam - both things that can be done at your house just as easy!

Brady and Gretchen said...

This is so exciting! I'm sure everything will work out, you guys are so strong.

Lucy is in bed by 8 every night so if you need someone to just be at your house with Jayden after that, give me a call for sure. I would love to help :)