Thursday, July 23, 2009

Jayden's Allergist

I don't think I'll be doing another allergist appointment ever again :)
Here's how it went:

We arrived 15 mins prior to the appointment as was advised. I wasn't expecting any problems. Jayden had just had lunch. He was due for his nap but since the paper they sent me told me it would be an hour appointment- I knew he would be able to make it through.

This Dr. was the ONLY Allergist Jayden's pediatrician would recommend. Claiming she was the BEST. It took 4 weeks to get an appointment with her so I was expecting the best...

Anyway- Arriving 15 minutes early- we were still in the waiting room for a half hour. It's okay. It happens. Jayden was content with flirting with the women in the waiting room.. so I was content :)

They called us in and weighed Jayden. The girl who weighed Jayden asked me to explain why we were there. So I told her about Jayden's suspected Milk allergy. Explained to her what happened when we gave him milk, and what happens now if he even has a trace of milk.

She told me the Dr. would be in shortly. 45 minutes we waited in the small room with no toys (no distractions for Jayden!!). At 30 minutes I assumed they had forgotten about me- so I went out to ask for the bathrooms.. there was the medical assistant sitting at the desk with her arms folded... We went to the bathroom and waited for another 15 minutes.
FINALLY the Dr. comes in and asks me why we were there. I, once again, explained. Jayden was looking up at her smiling and talking. She wouldnt even acknowledge him. No, "Hi sweetie" NOTHING. She completely ignored him as he talked to her. I hope he was telling her what a grumpy old lady she was. The Dr. said her assistant would test Jayden for allergies and left the room.

FIFTEEN minutes later the assistant came in. This is what they did to Jayden's back:

They wrote letters and lines on his back with a pen. And then they gave him a little prick with substances such as: Almonds, Milk, Bananas.. etc. under the skin. Basically if we allergic to it his skin would break out in a big red blob. They gave him 20 pricks on his back testing for 20 different foods. Jayden didn't cry once. He just flinched.

So when she was done she said she would be back in 15 minutes to check... 20 minutes later she was back, looked at him, and told me we would give it another 5 minutes. 10 minutes she was back saying that the diluted milk they put under his skin wasn't giving a positive reaction so she was going to do undiluted milk.

So she pricked him again- left for 15 minutes and there was no reaction. She decided she must not have pricked him hard enough... Did it again! And behold "He's allergic to dairy" . Well... duh? So she left and told me the Dr. would be in again to explain everything.

15ish minutes later the Dr. comes in to explain to me Jayden is allergic to all proteins in dairy. Not Lactose Intolerant. But an actual "food allergy" to the proteins found in dairy. 80% chance he'll grow out of it. She was in the office for maybe 3 minutes explaining what it means to be allergic to dairy.

She told me her assistant would be "Right In" to explain how to use an epipen should Jayden have a reaction to an accidental consumption of dairy. Five minutes... Ten Minutes... Fifteen minutes passed. Nobody came in. By this point we had been in the tiny room with no toys for over three hours. Jayden was exhausted. He was hungry. He was bawling. And I just picked up my stuff and left.

I don't know if the assistant ever came in...? And I felt very rebellious leaving a Dr. Appointment before it was actually over. But I was frustrated enough to do it. Even though that really is against my nature. Besides, I think I'll be able to figure out how to use the epipen on my own. If not- the Pharmacist can explain it to me.


Walkers said...

ahh... that's horrible!!! i'm so sorry to hear that! My allergist is well worth the money, if you can fit it into your budget! :) he's much nicer then ornery old lady, and it doesn't take 3 hours.
i am actually planning on making an appoinment soon for Oakley because i think she's reacting to her wheat cereal.
I hope he's still feeling better! I'm very impressed with you leaving before the appointment was over, you are so rebellious!

Stephenson and Katie said...

Good job Tiff! I wouldn't pay the bill either if I were you :)

Emily said...

Ugh, that sounds awful! All of that just to tell you what you already suspected? Really, some doctors should be ashamed of themselves...this one in particular!

Kristen and Tyson Cramer said...

Way to go Tiffany! I can't believe what they put you through waiting in that office. I mean I know doctors are busy, but that's rediculous!

Brady and Gretchen said...

What an ordeal! I agree with Katie, don't pay that bill! Im glad you got up and left, good for you.

Dave and Kirst said...

Tiff I would totally call the doctor and complain. I would request, nay demand, that you you're not going to pay the bill. Just tell them it's unexceptable, because it is. Be calm about it but just explain what happened and say that a paying customer should not be treated that way :D

Ariel said...

that is so frustrating!!!!!!! blah. i hate wasting time waiting around for doctors.

Chris and Tara said...

Holy cow. That story makes me mad and I wasn't even there. I would definitely complain (unless you want to forget it and try to move past it) and tell your pediatrician, too. Poor little Jayders. :(