Friday, July 17, 2009

Flashback Friday

I am copying this from Tricia (I don't know how to do the link thing- where you click on her name and her blog appears... can someone teach me how to do that???).

Anyway a few months back all my posts were just memories. I've had a crazy life- hence have some crazy memories :) But I enjoyed writing them and sometimes at night I think of memories that I want to write about. So on occasion Im going to do a flashback friday... Here it is:

This Friday's flashback is not suitable for young or sensitive viewers. If you fall under that category- stop reading now.

It's not that "I" have unsuitable memories. I just was a naive teenager despite my surroundings. Naive and I didn't even grow up in Utah.. crazy I know.

So I had a boyfriend. He was pretty much the reason my family moved from Illinois to Utah because I was pretty sure I was going to marry him after high school. Im not sure why I "Fell in love" with him. He was six inches shorter, didn't speak English, not here LEGALLY in the US... and at the time was not LDS. ... He did get baptized eventually though :)

Anyway- let me preface this by saying I was naive.. And unfortunately still kind of am. I don't know ANYTHING about drugs. I remember being in a public pool and hearing a guy screaming "LEGALIZE MARIJUANA!!!" ...And wondering what it was and why it should be made legal. Kids in gym would talk about drugs they did with "code names" .. I think they may have been talking about drugs but it could of been alcohol... I knew drugs were bad for you from listening to DARE presentations at school. And that was good enough for me.

My boyfriend drove over one afternoon to my house. We wandered around the house a bit- and eventually headed to the backyard. (Don't worry guys- if you're thinking I DID drugs I didn't!!) He said he had to show me something- but I couldn't show or tell anyone. "Okay! Cool!" I said in my dumb naiveness. I knew I would tell whatever it was to my mom later cause I pretty much told her everything.

So he pulled out something from his pocket... a clear little Ziploc like baggy with white stuff in it. ...Powdered sugar??? I tried to look impressed... but apparently I didn't look impressed enough because he said, "You don't know what this is do you?" (Actually he said, "No sabe que es, verdad?" but Im translating for your sake). So I fessed up that I didnt. He told me it was cocaine. Now I had heard of cocaine. I knew it was a drug. And I knew it was bad. So I told him it was very bad to have- and asked him where he got it.

He told me he and his brother found it by the railroad tracks... What they were doing by the railroad trucks I don't know...

I figured we would be doing the greater good if we just got rid of it. He asked me what we should do with it. I, in all my wisdom, told him we should just dump it out. So he started to pour the contents out and the wind started to blow the powder. I remember wondering if it was possible to get high by breathing in particles of the cocaine. I was thinking of the poor neighbor kids outside who might be getting high because we were allowing cocaine to just go with the wind.

I didn't share my concerns, I just told him we should go inside and dump it in the toilet since it was windy. As we were standing over the toilet pouring the stuff in it he asked me if I knew how much it was worth. I guessed... probably too low because he told me it was over $500 worth. Then I started feeling guilty pouring it. Someone was out a lot of money..

Anyway we flushed it all down despite my guilt. Im glad my parents moved us to UTAH!!! :) My "boyfriend" was 18. I was 15. He had quite the drug history. So basically he was AN IDIOT bringing drugs to my family's house because he knew better.

I told my mom later that day and she was furious. She chewed him out quite thoroughly. I remember her saying, "Do you have any idea how dumb it is, not only to bring this to our house, but to DRIVE with cocaine on you??" ... His response? ... "Well it was in my pocket..."

I really am surprised I came out of my teenage years in one piece.

But that- was my only experience with drugs. :)


Tricia said...

Wow, that IS crazy! Loved your flashback Friday. :)

Chris and Tara said...

I can't believe he actually dumped it out. GOod for you (and him).

Amy said...

I'm naive too - can you get high off inhaling it blowing in the wind? Just sayin...?

Jackie said...

Haha, that is awesome - but glad that was the extent of your druggie experience, lol. Glad your momma chewed him out.