Monday, July 27, 2009

Cat... Baby's best friend??

Shortly after Ryan and I started dating my cat of 11 years passed away. It was really hard for me. Ryan apparently was not very close to any animals growing up because he didn't understand my pain :)

But because we were so in love- he wanted to make me happy so he bought "us" a new feline friend. We named her Emmy.

See her sticking her tongue out?? Kind of her personality. Wasn't really into cuddling. And her attitude only got worse when we brought Shadow

Into the picture. Emmy ignored us. She destroyed things. She even buried my bra in her liter box (Ask me about that story sometime) out of vengeance.
A couple of years later she forgave us. And occasionally would even lay on the bed with us. Until...

Bella came into the family. Emmy was angry and punished us as she could... That's her style. I was very anxious to see what would happen once Jayden was born.

And a strange thing happened. She loved Jayden. Always wanted to be around him... Suddenly she was more cuddly ... she LOVED Jayden

And she still does... Jayden loves Emmy. But since he is little he doesn't know HOW to treat her. He has pulled her around by the tail... and she came back to him. He lays on top of her... All 23 pounds of him.. And she still comes back. I'm not sure what is going on with Emmy... but she LOVES Jayden and is willing to take a lot of abuse for the sake of love


Andi and Jimmy said...

That cracks me up...'she's willing to take the abuse for the sake of love'...aren't we all!? Anyway, super cute especially since Emmy had so much hatred before :), that's amazing

Caprene said...

So Jayden isn't allergic to your animals?

jaimie said...

That is so cute!

Chris and Tara said...

Those last two pictures are so stinkin' cute. Ü