Monday, July 27, 2009

Jayden's First Birthday

Im a little late on getting this up. I was waiting to get some pictures of Jayden's party- but still don't have any so I will blog those later.

On Jayden's actual Birthday my mom drove up to watch him while I slept (I worked the night before.) He was excited to get his first present.

We went out to lunch. And had a lot of fun. Thanks mom!

Later that afternoon we had Ryan's parents, sister and grandma over to have some cake and open presents.

I decided I would be "Domestic" and make Jayden's cake. I found cake and frosting w/o milk and went away. So I'm never baking a cake ever again... cause it turned out horrible!! When I took the cake out of the pan it broke into 3 pieces... I tried to glue it back together w/ the frosting.. And it still looked... interesting? So... here's the outcome:

Jayden enjoyed it anyway

His grandma and grandpa bought him a little truck that he can push, ride on, or pull. It has been so fun watching him play on it. :) He's growing up too fast!!

On Saturday my parents threw a party for him down in Orem. He is the first generation on my mom's side so a lot of people came and I am SO grateful to have that support and love. It was so neat to see everyone and great to celebrate with them. I don't have any pictures yet (hopefully soon!... Mom... Erica...?) but I will post some videos for the family who wasn't able to make it. Love you guys and THANK YOU!!!!


jaimie said...

Ahh, I can't believe that he is already 1! I feel old now, lol

Stephenson and Katie said...

So cute!! I think the cake is adorable- and SOOOOOOOOO nice of your parents to throw him a party! :)

Chris and Tara said...

The cake in his hair is so funny.