Friday, June 26, 2009


The Hotel we were staying at did a free breakfast. I offered Ryan breakfast in bed since it was Fathers Day. ...Went down to the Hotel lobby filled a plate and brought it back to him. Vacations are about taking it easy, right???

Since it was Sunday there wasn't a whole lot we could do. We were planning on going to dinner with the whole family that evening but we had a whole day to kill. I was SO tired and was planning on taking a nap when Jayden went down for his nap... but he didn't take a nap.

Ryan, being the great husband he is, and not wanting to deal with my crankiness any longer offered to take Jayden for a walk so I could get some sleep.

I was lying there in bed, and as soon as I got to that relaxed point of falling asleep I would wake myself up thinking that Ryan and Jayden would be back any minute and I wouldn't be able to enjoy a nap... An hour passed of me doing this. I finally texted Ryan and told him to come back to the Hotel since I wasn't able to sleep. He was gone for another half hour. Apparently he had walked over two miles trying to give me enough time to sleep. I had been thinking he had just gone around the hotel... :) Again, what a sweet guy. And what a pain I wasn't able to sleep. ...Jayden didn't sleep either.

We were pretty close to the San Diego Temple so we decided to pay it a visit. BEAUTIFUL TEMPLE.

Jayders did take a nap on the way back to the hotel from the temple. 10 minutes ish??? At least HE wasn't grumpy :)

Now, one would think that a baby who didn't sleep the night before ... and hardly napped would be a PAIN IN THE BUM. Nope- not Jayden. Never cried. Occasionally he would act a little out of it... he was just taking it all in :)
We ended the day going over to the Beach House my Aunt and Uncle rented. Most of my dad's side of the family was there except for the two families stuck in traffic due to a huge accident in Nevada :(
We enjoyed BBQ chicken, delicious fruit and Ice Cream... good times!


Stephenson and Katie said...

Love San Diego! Ryan is so sweet- what other guy would walk 2 miles so his sweet wife could get a nap!? And was this on fathers day?! Love it!

Chris and Tara said...

You do have a great husband. I love the San Diego temple. It looks like a fairy tale. What was the accident in Nevada?

Dave and Kirst said...

AHh! I love the San Diego temple. You guys are too cute.