Friday, June 26, 2009


It has been 3 days since we got back and I miss the weather like crazy!! It was raining when we arrived but the rest of the days were sunny with highs in the 70s... PERFECT.

We were in San Diego for four days for a family reunion. It was great to relax! We were going to drive down to California, however after Memorial Day Weekend the thought of 8 hours in the car with Jayden seemed like TOO MUCH. So we decided to fly. Luckily the flights were pretty open so we were able to fly standby with NO problems.

We took my little sister up with us to help her escape an 8 hour drive with our four brothers.

Saturday was pretty boring. We arrived in San Diego to rain :( So we had lunch and checked into our hotel. It had a full kitchen so we went grocery shopping. Food is SO much more expensive in California. Im pretty sure the only exciting thing we did on Saturday was go to the grocery store... don't you want to go on vacation with us???

Saturday night was rough. Since Annese (my lil sis) was sleeping in our room the only place for the pack n' play

was RIGHT next to our bed. Jayden would NOT go to sleep. At last I took him on a 20 minute walk in the stroller around the hotel- where he finally drifted off.

Two hours later...

I fed him and put him back in the crib. Two hours later....

Same thing (No he wasn't hungry but it was the only way to get him to fall back asleep quickly)

And two hours later- the scenario repeated itself... Only this time when I put him back in the crib he didn't go back to sleep. It was four in the morning and I feel a small hand patting the back of my head. He was WIDE awake. Talking away... for over an hour.

Finally at 5:30 I went back to sleep. Only to be woken up at 8 to a baby ready to start the day.

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Eva Crockett said...

I hope overall you had a good vacation. It's good to know what I'll be looking forward to doing when we go to our trip to Peru this December.