Monday, April 7, 2008


Okay so I am in need of some help!! Again :)
The vote came in at 50/50 for the baby bedding.. so much for that, eh?
We've decided to go with baby aviator: it was a little bit less as far as money goes since we found an AWESOME deal! But THANK YOU for your input.
That being said- the nursery theme will of course by Aviator (Airplanes!!.. and stuff)). I have been looking online at different stuff I could do with that theme and I've come up with some good ideas- but I need airplanes!
So if in your travels you happen to come by a garage sale, or are at the DI and see some airplanes... toy airplanes.. model airplanes.. even pictures of airplanes... LET ME KNOW!! :) I'm kind of looking for used ones cause I'm going to be "changing" them a little bit. I don't want to spend more than 5 dollars per airplane. So if you see one call ME- or buy it and I will pay you back as long as it's not more than five bucks... I'm good for it :)
Thanks for your help!!!!


Linzy said...

Yay! Thanks Tiffany. I'll call you tomorrow and come get it! And about the airplanes, the last time I was at RC Willey, in the kids section they had a bunch of metal cars, airplanes, etc. They were just in random displays, but you might want to check!

Stephenson and Katie said...

you should go to Ikea! They have the cutest kid stuff. Yay! I'm glad you decided- let's make an airplace magnet board! and PAINT! I am so in this wierd decorating phase lately...
P.S. I feel like we haven't seen you guys FOREVER! We miss you!