Saturday, April 12, 2008

Baby updates

Life is good! I have been getting bigger and bigger... I can no longer paint my toenails :( ... Well, I can, but I have to take breathing breaks in between each toe. Time for pedicures!! :)
I have had some pretty major doctor appointments this last week so I thought I would update. We had the echo cardio scan done on Tuesday. I guess with diabetes heart problems are more common in the babies. I had to go up to Primary Children's Hospital and get a "special ultrasound" to check the baby's heart. They said it looks great! Everything looks normal. What a relief. It was neat being able to see and feel him kick me. When they did that ultrasound the baby was breech.
On Friday I had a Dr. appt with my OB, where they did ANOTHER ultrasound. He's looking really good and I guess his rate of growth is good. We got some more ultrasound pictures. I have quite the collection now. It's almost crunch time. I see my OB in 2 weeks for a check-up... 4 weeks for another ultrasound. After that appointment I'll be in every week for ultrasounds for 10ishweeks? And once I hit 32 weeks I have to go TWICE a week!!! I dont know how I'm going to organize that with my new work schedule... Hopefully that will all work out :)
This week has been sooooo busy!!!
My cute little brother came home from his mission on Monday. He was having some pretty bad health issues and came back to get them all sorted out. Hopefully he'll get better and be able to go back out. It was good to see him again. He was only gone six months- I sure missed him.. And I worked.
Tuesday I had that echo cardio scan and then went over to my mother in laws. My sister in law Amber gave me a BUNCH of baby stuff. She has two precious little boys so she was well stocked :) THANK YOU AMBER!! The cutest clothes ever, plus a stroller, carseat, bassinet, and highchair. SOOO NIIICEEEE. Saving us 100s of dollars. She is so nice :) ... And I worked.
Wednesday... I worked. And slept. It's starting to feel like the first trimester again. All I want to do is sleep sleep sleep... I did go to USA Baby and fell in love with this gorgeous crib set :

Normally the crib is 800 dollars and the dresser another 900. They were on clearance- 800 for both of them!!! I took Ryan's truck on Thursday to buy it- but I chickened out. I couldn't spend that much money... even though it was such a great deal. I may go there on Wednesday again and if they still have it.... :) This whole furniture thing has been such a nightmare for me!! :)
Thursday... more work :) Spent the whole evening trying to figure out what I was going to do about the furniture. Seriously.
Friday I had my Dr. Appt. Shelly came down to Murray and introduced me to some amazing stores. Thanks Shelly! We had lunch at the Olive Garden. Lovin the breadsticks... :) I got work off on Friday which was nice cause I was able to go to Gina's baby shower. It was a lot of fun :)
And that brings us to today... a loooong day!! I got up at 7:30. Ryan was a sweetie and took me shopping. We went down to Utah Valley and went shopping down there since my grandparents were having a belated Easter party down there. We got home around 5ish... I was sooo tired and fell asleep :) Ryan did too I guess cause we ended up being really late to the Darling's party.
Now it's 12 a.m. and I'm working till 2 :( Im already looking forward to my Sunday nap!!!!


The Lusk Family said...

Hey Tiff

Your welcome! All that stuff would have been packed up and stored if no one needed it. I'm glad that everything is looking good. the crib set is beautiful.


Chris and Tara said...

How funny Tiff. Even though you chickened out on the first try I have to say I like your tastes. That crib set is beautiful. And kudoos on getting hooked up with some OG (Olive Garden). It's good to know Shelly has the 411 on where to go for baby stuff. By the time tara and I get around to it we will have a ton of people to help us. See you soon!


tracylayne said...

busy busy busy girl! I am sl glad everything is going well with the baby! I cant wait for him to get here!

Holly and Rhett said...

What a busy, but fun weekend! I absolutely love the crib, but I know how scary it is to buy it...good luck!!

Joanna said...

You had a busy week. Busy is better than bored. That crib is definately cute. That is a really good price for the two, I would have probably chickened out. Hey where is AI tomorrow night? You can call me if you want and let me know or I will call you.

Chris and Tara said...

Tiff, I'm sorry you've been so busy :( Hopefully this next week won't be quite so hectic since it is your BIRTHDAY WEEK!!!

Happy Birthday. Sorry we won't be here to celebrate with you but we'll think of you :)

Ariel & Sean said...

you are a busy busy girl! i can't believe you went home & worked after the darlings party. i hope i see you at american idol tonight!

Stephenson and Katie said...

That bedroom set is GORGEOUS! I think that is an AMAZING deal too- go for it girl, you deserve it! Plus, you'll use it for all your babies so it's worth it! Geez what a crazy week you had- no wonder we didn't see you!