Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fools!!!

American Idol night fell on April Fools today. That could only mean one thing.. trouble :)
Tracy hosted tonight which was awesome. Thanks Tracy your house is beautiful. Towards the end of the night we got bored and decided we needed to play a joke on our husbands who were all at the Darling's house playing poker.. I mean cards. Unfortunately my cute husband Ryan was the target.
At first we decided that we would just bring the spare keys and set off their car alarms. We then realized that the only guy we could actually do that to would be Stephenson because nobody else had their car near their townhome. So we had to come up with something to do with Ryan's truck since I had the spare key- and Ariel conveniently had a bag of broken glass in her house (That girl has EVERYTHING... She will be forever known as Mary Poppins).
We took Ryan's truck from the parking lot and parked it around the block. We then took Ariel's bag of glass and smashed it to itty bitty pieces in her garage. We took the itty bitty pieces and spread them out on the parking spot Ryan was originally parked on.

We all hid around Katie's house as we pulled the 'car alarm' prank on Stephenson's car. It didn't last very long. Apparently Brady was the first to figure out it was just the wives trying to pull a joke on them. And Stephenson was apparently suspecting his fellow card players (according to Ryan).
We all laughed and went in. When I suddenly fell deathly ill. ;-) I'm not sure what came over me but I curled up in a ball on the Darlings couch- and LUCKILY my sweet husband noticed I was not feeling well. He put in all of his poker chips so he could take me home. (What a sweet guy). I told him I would not be able to make it to his truck and asked him if he could please get his truck and pick me up..
...Minutes passed. Nothing happened. Poor Tracy was waiting outside in the freezing cold for over 15 minutes waiting to see Ryan's reaction. However, Ryan, being a prankster, and not noticing the broken glass, immediately assumed that I had tried to play a joke on him and had driven his truck home.
I called him to ask him where he was, I was in tears because it was taking him so long and I "didn't feel good" ... Ryan said he was just outside so to come on out. Gurrr. Unfortunetly our prank didn't work. Ryan didn't fall for it.. But it WOULD HAVE been really good. Oh well, maybe next year girls.

Oh and I suggested to Ryan that if he had REALLY wanted to pull the ultimate prank on us he would have ran back into Katie's house saying "My truck has been stolen, and I just called the police. They are on their way." ... Then we really would have freaked out. Ryan wishes he had thought of that- and is kicking himself as I type this.

Anyway- Hope everyone had a great APRIL FOOLS DAY!!!!!


Brady and Gretchen said...

This was the best April Fools night ever! Even if Ryan is too cool for us and figured it out it was still fun!! We'll get him next year...or maybe next week....

Ariel & Sean said...

it was still super funny! you were great at faking sick :) i would have been laughing! what a great American Idol/April Fools night. i'm glad your hubby was a good sport!

Stephenson and Katie said...

ohh man that was SOO fun! i felt like I was in high school again... sneaking around the neighborhood... We have way too much fun together!

tracylayne said...

Haha that was pretty funny, even though our plans were foiled.... grrr... We need to try again! We will get you boys.... just wait!!!!