Monday, March 17, 2008

We finally got our baby crib! It has been a long process. Right before Ryan and I got married his grandma died. We got all of her bedroom furniture which was really nice. Unfortunately it didn't match the wood of our headboard/foot board and dresser. When we moved into our house I painted all of the furniture we inherited from his grandma black except for the armoire. I wanted to find a crib that matched the wood of the big armoire. But apparently it's a pretty unique stain!! I searched for about three weeks. I went to stores in Davis, Salt Lake, and Utah county. I finally found a crib- but it was way out of our price range :) The night before we went to buy it I saw a Walmart commercial on TV- checked out the website and they had an almost identical crib for 200 dollars less!! Woohoo!

Now I'm just working on bedding. Katherine offered to help if I can find the fabric. I want to do an airplane theme- but I can't find any fabric that I like. :( If anybody sees anything cute let me know!
Sunday was exciting. I was able to really feel the baby move during church. It was happening pretty frequently while I was sitting in sacrament meeting. It was so neat I had a hard time focusing on anything else. I feel huge. I tried on three outfits for church. ALL OF THEM were too tight. Hence I was 10 minutes late :( Oh well I bought a cute dress and and skirt with Tara and Lanara today that I should be able to fit into for a while longer.
I felt like my stomach grew like 6 inches this weekend. I gained 4 pounds and had to stick 3 more pairs of pants in my pile of clothes that no longer fit. I think I really am starting to show now. But I'm excited!! :)
We had a fun dinner with the Dobsons, Catenzaros, and Shipps

Ryan won phase 10 :)(He wanted me to add that little detail- he hardly ever wins anything) Megan taught us how to play the "right" way. Which actually make the game more entertaining. So it was fun :)
I'll be posting ultrasound pics hopefully on Thursday! Pray all goes well.
Anyway I need to end- Ryan wants attention :)


Brady and Gretchen said...

Youre crib is so cute, I hope Katherine can help you make some cute bedding.

Chris and Tara said...

Cute crib. I didn't know you got that. I also didn't know you felt the baby move in Sacrament. That's what I get for sitting so far away from you this week :(
I hope your dress and skirt fit for a while longer, too. Have fun. See you next weekend. Enjoy AI. ΓΌ

Katie and Stephenson said...

Cute pics!!! I LOVE the crib!! Did you guys end up doing anything tonight? I hope you can make it to AI tomorrow!!

Ariel & Sean said...

i love the crib! very cute. we're starting around 8 (which will probably turn into more like 8:30). and i'm sure they'll stay over for a couple of hours. when can you come?

-Wes and ValaRee- said...

Love, love, love the crib! Nice pick-up! That's so exciting you felt movement! Isn't that the most amazing thing ever?!

Brady and Gretchen said...

Yea Im already doing magnet boards, they are 29.99 all made with vinyl and everything. You just need to pick colors and let me know or come with me to pick out paper or something!

Linzy said...
I found this airplane fabric online. It's pretty cute, especially if you paired it with a cute, soft solid fabric.
Cute crib by the way.