Friday, March 21, 2008

March Ultrasound pics

Our appointment on Thursday went well. I was anxious to see the baby since I have been feeling him move so much lately...
It seems the bigger he gets the harder it is for me to make sense of what Im seeing in the ultrasound images. :) It's okay though- The ultrasound tech person said he looks good!... And he is definitely a BOY. All of the four chambers in his heart were present, that was good news. :)
My mom drove up for this ultrasound. It was neat to have her and Ryan there. We actually got a DVD of the whole ultrasound... score! I'll be bringing it to our Easter dinners :) ... C'mon it'll be fun!!
Anyway- here are a couple of pictures- some are clearer than others and I tried to make notations in them so you can see what you're looking at!

Bad news about the crib... it didn't match the stain of the crib that was on display!!! I was so stinking mad. We're going to return it. I have decided it's too much of a pain trying to get a crib that matches the wood of the armoire so I might just go for a standard white black or expresso color on the crib. We'll see :)

In other news...

Ryan's contract has been extended another month. After we were told they would no longer extend the contract. We're not complaining though. Hopefully this will end up being something permanent. :)

Thank you Jen for your help with the fabric. You are AWESOME!
And thanks Linzy for that link!

I will end with my big belly...

21 weeks


Ariel & Sean said...

i love the ultrasound pictures! how exciting!

Chris and Tara said...

Woohoo! He looks like a keeper (so far...) And congrats to Ry on the extension. We're still hoping for permanence too. Cute belly Ü

Stephenson and Katie said...

Your belly is SO not big!! I hope I look like you when I'm prego!! Congrats to Ryan- it's so ironic cause he was talking to us the other night when we drove him home about his contract- I'm glad they extended again!!! I'm really really sad you didn't come tonight :( let's get together SOON and watch your baby dvd!!
P.S. I didn't check my blog yesterday or today until now so I didn't get your comment about you being off work!
P.S.S. this is a novel. Oh well! Love ya!

Brady and Gretchen said...

you're belly is cute!