Friday, February 8, 2008

14 weeks

Hello second trimester!

I had another ultrasound on Wednesday. I wasn't supposed to get one, but my doctor was on call so the nurse did one on me to pass time. No complaints here!! I could see his/her arms and feet. He/she was kicking around a ton and rolling over. I love being able to see those images. We find out the sex on the 20th. Hopefully! I'll only be 15 1/2 weeks by that point but the doctor said we should be able to tell. We're keeping our fingers crossed.

We're dog sitting for the next 10 days. Bella is so excited to have company. One of the dogs is a little puppy. He is so tiny, a yorkie I think?? Anyway- it is really cute to watch him and Bella together he climbs all over her. Bites her ears and lips- and she totally lets him. I'll try to post a video.

Ryan got a job offer!! :) I dont know if I mentioned but his current contract was supposed to end in September- was extended until January and LUCKILY extended until March (We still had not found another job for him) Last week after much prayer his supervisor approached him about a job that just opened at HAFB for a civilian working with jet fuel. Unfortunetly Ryan doesn't LOVE working with jetfuel (I guess it stinks and is really messy)- but it's a job- it's the same pay so we are REALLY grateful! It IS contract but I think the conract is two years? It also is swing shift which Ryan isn't too happy about, he'll work from 3pm-1am. I will miss him at night- but I work from 3:30-9:30 pm 4 days a week now- so we no longer have opposite shifts... Anyway- thank you friends and family who have been praying for Ryan's job situation! They helped!!!

Anyway- that is our latest! Hope everyone is doing well!


Stephenson and Katie said...

Hey Tiffany! Thanks for commenting... I totally recognize you! I still feel like I hardly know anyone in the ward :) are you still in nursery? Congrats on the pregnancy!!

Diana said...

Congratulations!! How exciting that you are going to have a baby. Hope you are still feeling well. :)

tracylayne said...

Hey cute girl! I love your post about how you found out you were pregnant!! So cute! I still cant believe it either! What a miracle! I cant wait to meet the little tyke!!!

Holly said...

You will definately have to tell me when you find out so that I can go shopping or maybe even crafting!!!