Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!!

Hope everyone is having/had a Happy Valentines Day! I hope mine gets better... it has been a horrible last few days. And I think pregnancy hormones just make it worse! :(
Yesterday I went to Tai Pan to buy some stuff for the house. I have been waiting to do this since I knew it would be a decent amount of money and we weren't sure about Ryan's job situation. As of a week ago we were sure Ryan had another job lined up so I was excited to be able to go out and go shopping. I bought a rally cute heart wreath. It LOOKED like this

... more on that later. And I got a lot of other cute stuff. Well Ryan came home in a really bad mood- since he found out that the Government implemented some changes, and decided they needed to let a lot of people go and stop the new hires up at the Base. So Ryan was informed that the job he was told he would have- can no longer accept hires. And then Ryan saw all the bags of stuff I bought... ;) Anyway- I broke down and cried. Which I think marks my first 'breakdown' since being pregnant. I'm sitting there bawling- yet I couldn't figure out the exact reason as to WHY I was crying.
That evening we went down to the church because they were going to 'call' me to serve :) The calling I got I am completely unprepared for. I accepted of course- but I have NO idea HOW to do what I am supposed to do. I practiced for a couple of hours when we got home- and ended up crying again :) Note to self don't see any sad movies for the next 5 months.

Anyway- we finally got to bed around 11 or so and I didn't sleep well at all for many reasons. Most revolving around dogs :). I woke up to find our dog Bella covered in red/pink Styrofoam berries. Parts of her fur were stained pink. I figured some had fallen off the wreath and onto the floor? I came downstairs to see the berry wreath lying on the floor somewhat destroyed. I guess when Ryan left for work this morning he saw it had fallen off the door and decide our living room floor would be a good place to stick it for now. Apparently Bella loved the idea. We have a two foot radius on our carpet that is now pink. I've tried treating the stain... nothing works. I’m not sure how many "Styrofoam berries" she actually ate... but considering how many are missing... Anyway- she is in trouble and she knows it.

But the day should get better... :) We're going to the temple when Ryan gets home from work and then probably out to eat although we didn't make any reservations... hmm? Less than a week till we find out the sex of our baby... yet!! :)

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Jackie said...

Sorry about everything. That sounds like a total bummer. Don't worry about the calling - the wonderful thing about the church is that you are given an opportunity to serve basically everywhere and it is so you can expand your skills. I love that. I had to teach Sunday School at our BYU Family Ward when we were newly weds - scared out of my mind! But it turned out okay. Good luck with everything.