Sunday, December 23, 2007

Recap of the year...

Well we're finally getting down to the last week in December. It's about 3:30 a.m. (I'M WORKING!!) and I've been reflecting over everything that has happened over the last year. I used to be a very good "journal keeper" I have filled about 10 journals, this was before I was introduced to blogging, where it has since become much easier to type what is going on than to WRITE :) I have however been keeping monthly updates in my journal. At the end of each month I would open my journal and write a few (from 4-12) lines of significant things that happened during that month. I did this last year and it was a really neat experience to reflect on all the things that happened the year before and see, from a different perspective, all of the major events of that year in our life.
I just finished the month of December and I am looking back at everything that has happened over the last year. Time flies!! The beginning of 2007 we had just moved into our house. No yard, no family room, no furniture :), and we didn't really know anybody at that time. Ryan was still working in California and commuting once a week. We got our dog in January!!
Ryan finally started working here in Utah in March of 2007. It has been such an amazing blessing. Him living and working in California for most of each week was really hard for us. I will never take for granted the blessing of having him so close all the time.
After going back and forth about a million times we started the adoption process in May. Around that same time I was called as a nursery leader. Here we are in December- finally about to finish the adoption process. (Will comment more on that later)
In this last year we've been able to meet and develop friendships with a lot of really neat people. It has been such a blessing on our lives. We have been able to accomplish so much on our house and feel that great sense of accomplishment. Our marriage has been strengthened so much within the last year. It has been neat to look back on the things that helped us grow together.
To sum it up, 2007 has been a great year. There were some hard days (nothing compared to the hard days in 2006!!!) but regardless it has been an amazing year. We are really looking forward to 2008. No doubt it will be full of lots of changes but we look forward to those changes.

Now on the adoption front- we submitted all of our paperwork on the 10th so we could be approved ont he 12th. Well apparently the guy who does the approvals was out of town so we had to wait another week. I'm a little frustrated because the case worker said that in that week she would make sure to let us know if there was anything else we needed to do so all would be set to go on the 19th (the next time the agency would do the approvals). Well, the "19th" she called us and said that there was another paper we needed to sign... The last week has been incredibly busy- with doctor appointments, work, Christmas parties, gifs, etc.. we have not been able to get down there. I have no idea if they'll be open Christmas Eve but I'll give it a shot. At this point though it's not as big as a deal. We're just kind of waiting to see what happens. We're not so much in a rush anymore.
Anyway Merry Christmas to everyone and I'll keep you updated!!!

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Jackie said...

Merry Christmas! What an exciting year you have had! I'm enjoying reading about what's going on in your life.