Friday, December 21, 2007

7 things you may not know about me!

Jen tagged me- which is good because if she hadn't done so- you'd still be waiting for a new post!! :)
#1. I know it's "impossible" but I can touch my tongue to my elbow. I have an abnormally long tongue (I don't know how it fits in my mouth! ;) ) But I am also able to get my elbow close enough to my mouth... so yeah :)

#2. I am bilingual. I speak Spanish and English. I learned Spanish when I was 14 because I was "in love" with a latino, and he didn't speak English. I almost married him, but we moved from Illinois. For a year afterwards I would ONLY date latin guys (I thought they were the only guys I could attract.) That wore off, and everyone was SHOCKED when I married a white boy who doesn't speak Spanish.

#3 I have dated over 105 guys in a year period. After moving to Utah I joined an LDS dating site. I have a list of the guys I dated filed under "memorabilia" . Dated= gone on at least one date. On my list I had stats. I would put a check by his name if he was LDS, if I had kissed him, and/or if he was an RM. I don't recommend dating sites to any of my single friends :)

#4 We have a really big secret that we can't tell anyone for a few more months and it is driving us CRAZY!!!

#5 I used to be DJ at a club. Club fusion in Provo. I'm pretty sure it doesn't exist anymore- I was the "karaoke DJ" I totally loved it. I met a lot of weird guys through that job. I think I was 18- I'm surprised my parents let me work there.

#6 When I was 14 years old my parents adopted an 17 year old boy from Mexico. He had a "crush" on me. It was weird for many reasons. It is still really weird for me. I have a hard time with it.

#7 I have a strange unique ability to "discern" people. It used to come to me naturally, but lately I have to work really hard at it. Talking with someone for just a few minutes I am able to, sort of, "know" what secrets they have- or maybe "vices" they're trying to hide. Thus far, when I have gotten a "feeling" from someone I have not been wrong. I'm not sure why I have this ability - and for a while I tried to ignore it- but it'll probably be useful when I have kids :) If you see me staring at someone.. No worries though- I don't ever judge people by what I feel. You're innocent till proven guilty- PLUS I'm not one to judge :-p

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JGP said...

That's awesome! All of it! I can't believe you were a DJ, that cracks me up! AND it's so unfair to announce there is an announcement you can't make, that'll drive me crazy!
You are great!

PS. If you can guess my vices I'll give you $10.