Sunday, December 9, 2007

Almost There...

This last week has been amazing. We both really feel there is divine intervention in this adoption process. On Monday we will turn everything- yay we finally have it all!! :) And hopefully- if our case worker is able to have enough time to type up our home study we will be approved on Wednesday.
Monday was a crazy day. I had worked that night before and didn't sleep as I was trying to get everything in order before I went to N. California with my mom. My list of "things to do" was kind of unreasonable and I really should have slept. But I was able to get the medical form to my doctors office. I was told it would take another week (possibly more) for them to get it back to me. I was SO bummed. Anyway- after I cleaned the house from top to bottom, did a weeks worth of laundry, delivered birthday cards, went to the store, stopped by the doctor's office and packed my bags, my mom came over and Ryan drove us to the airport. I was sooo tired but I can't sleep on planes so I read the Eclipse (The last book in the Twilight series). We flew into San Francisco- the airport was a lot bigger than Salt Lake's airport! We rented our car and headed over to Daniel and Christy's house. We ended up staying up till 1:45 (MT) a.m. talking... I had been up 24 hours!! :-/ Needless to say we slept really well that night and didn't wake up till 10:30 (MT).
As it turns out the girls we flew out to have lunch with had some "unexpected conflicts" so that didn't happen :(. But it was okay because we spent the day with Christy and Daniel. We went to an English pub for lunch. I wish they had restaurants like that in Utah- it was kind of fun. And then we took tours of the different libraries and Universities in San Jose. Daniel is going to school to be a librarian- hence the libraries.
A highlight of our trip was that got chased down by some pigeons. We walked up to this man made pond and seconds later about 40 birds came flying to us. They came from every direction- some even landing on my mom and Daniel. And once they landed they started to close in on us. By the time the geese started to come in on it we decided to make a run for it. I tried to take pictures, but I just had my cell phone and they didn't turn out too well. Oh well :) It was highly amusing to me.
We met my step-uncles at a Deli for a couple of hours since they actually live in San Jose and then we called it a night. The next day we ate at this YUMMY Mexican restaurant and then headed to the airport. So although we didn't get to do what we had orignally planned- we had a lot of fun. It was really good to spend some time with my mom one on one. I was able to edit the birth parent letter on that trip with help from Christy and my mom... anyway- all in all it was great.
While on the trip and before I kept on getting the feeling that we really needed to get everything in order with the adoption. I felt kind of helpless though because the medical forms were out of our control. Ryan had been calling his doctor for two weeks without any success- and I wasn't sure when my doctor would get around to it. Anyway- when I got home I told Ryan we really needed to pray that things would be able to fall into place quickly. So on Wednesday night we made it a sincere matter of prayer. Then on Thursday morning- my doctor called me and said the form was ready for me to pick up. On Friday Ryan's doctor called and told us we could come to the hospital and pick up his medical form... We are so grateful for the knowledge that Heavenly Father answers prayers. I'm not sure why- but we both really feel it's important that our stuff gets out quickly.
So Ryan needs to print off copies of our Birth Parent Letter, and I need to pick up the pictures tomorrow and we're set. We're so excited.
Anyway- that's the latest. We'll keep you updated. I guess from Wednesday on it will just be a matter of waiting... for how long- we have no idea. Hopefully not TOO long, but it's in the Lord's hands.

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