Monday, December 3, 2007

Our Nephew

This last weekend was really neat for us. Six months ago Ryan's sister adopted through LDS Family Services. This was actually her second time adopting and she was on the "Waiting list" for less than two weeks. The birth mom was actually due two weeks from the day she picked Amber.. talk about CRAZY!
Anyway their baby was sealed (An ordinance performed in the temple eternally uniting a husband and wife, or children and their parents.) to them in the Logan Temple on Saturday and Ryan and I got to go. It was SO NEAT to be able to experience that. On Sunday their baby was blessed. It was all really a beautiful experience. I am so thankful for temples. I love the fact that when we do adopt we'll be able to be a family for time and all eternity. We both have a lot to look forward to!
Speaking of adoption we're almost done with the Birth Parent letter. We finished it, but just sent it to our case worker to edit. No doubt a lot of editing will need to be done... :) My doctor is back in town this week so hopefully he'll be able to get that paper signed soon!! And Ryan is still trying to get a hold of his doctor... As soon as we get those papers from our doctors.. :)
I'm flying out to California today with my mom. I've been working for an airline for almost two years and this will be the second time my mom is taking advantage of flying for free!! We're excited for this trip. When I was 3 or 4 years old my parents did foster care for 6 little girls. (I think at that time in our house their were 8 KIDS under 8 years of age!!) We are going to see them for lunch or something. We're only going to be out there for a coulpe of days. We're leaving Monday night and coming back Wednesday afternoon. We're staying with a way cute couple out there. The guy actually served his mission in Illinois while we lived there- and became really close to our family.. Like 5 or 6 years ago I think? Anyway- we've kept in contact ever since.
Work has been pretty busy tonight due to the crazy weather in the Northeast... A lot of people are really upset because their flight was cancelled. It's not too much fun dealing with one upset customer after another. If I could change the weather I could.. but.... Anyway come January I'll be working afternoons again. It's a happy and sad thing. It will be opposite shifts of Ryan so if we do have a baby I'll still be able to work and keep all my benefits But I'm kind of bummed because I won't be able to spend a ton of time with my hubby like I'm used to. :( Could be worse, right? Anyway we'll see what happens come January.
Ryan has all of our lights up. Yay! :) I'll try to take pictures sometime this week.
Hope everyone is doing well!

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