Tuesday, January 15, 2008

So I forgot to announce the day we would be on TV. We were on The Price is Right this morning- sorry I know I told a lot of you that I would remind you- but we kind of forgot..
Anyway- if you want to see us- they're still airing the show online.
Go to
click on SHOWS
go to Daytime- and click on THE PRICE IS RIGHT
Scroll down ALMOST to the bottom and on the right hand side there is a box that says Tuesday January 15th- play video.
And tada! :)
We didn't PLAY- but we are behind the bidder on your far right. I am wearing a white shirt (and my mouth is hanging open practically the whole time :( stupid TV editing... I'm next to Stephanie). Ryan is wearing a blue shirt but he is usually hiding behind the head of the bidder.
The show was fun- when Steven gets home from his mission we're going again!!! :)

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JGP said...

Sad I missed it :( That's awesome you got to be right up front though! Ian and Kobi miss you. They kept asking about you on Sunday, we miss you too!