Thursday, December 3, 2015

On the first day...

Life is stressful. It's December 3rd, and I still haven't put up our big tree, or even opened 4 of our Christmas bins :-( It makes me sad because Christmas is my FAVORITE. But, I want to document our Christmas this year. We have a few advent activities. We open a Christmas book every night, open a bag that my sweet sister in law made for us last year:
This year I worked really really hard coming up with activities for every day leading up for Christmas. So I'm going to try to post daily, or weekly with our activities. I want to remember the good things about Christmas, not this stressful life I'm living :)

This was bag number 1- December first.

"Sparkle Magic Christmas dust and say, "ZAT, ZAT WHERE YOU AT? (Zat is there Elf on a shelf) Here is the candle of Christmas cheer, light it every night until Christmas is here"

I had a little red and green glitter in a baggie. We went outside and yelled those "clever" words and then the boys went to find Zat who was hiding up on their fan. 
Alex picked the book about the story of Zat, and we were reminded to be good, not to touch the elf and do kind things. I love how good my kids are during Christmas... saying Zat's name, stops their fights immediately.
And we lit this candle: Every night while we read a story we try to burn it down to the next dot.

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