Thursday, December 10, 2015

7,8, AND 9

Day 7 was:
Split into teams, we’re playing Christmas charades

The kids absolutely loved this one.. and they have begged to do it every night since, despite the fact that we already know what it says. 

Day 8 was:
1 Let’s have a ring pop eating contest… who can suck theirs the fastest??
I thought they would love this one.. because they love ring pops... but they did not like the competition aspect. They wanted to savor their ring pops. Noted. 

You may have noticed the quality of my pictures increase. I GOT A NEW PHONE! Ryan did too. It was our early Christmas present. Also, we're cheap, and have been putting off getting new phones for a while even though our current phones were struggling daily. Anyway- got new phones, and we're paying $40 less a month for upgrading. Learned my lesson. Research before assuming.

Day 9 was:
 A snowball race!!! Grab your straws and a snowball. On your mark, get set: GO!

We had cotton balls and straws and just raced them along the entry way. I didn't get any pictures.. although we did do family pictures that day. And oh. my gosh. Aliya... I don't even know what to do with this girl. I need to compress the files, and then I'll share a few gems on here. 

Tonight's advent has not yet been opened.... but it'll be great I'm sure... ;)

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